Pro Wrestling Community Helps Reach Goal To Pay For WCW Star’s Mother’s Funeral

By | March 20, 2021

Pro wrestling is a family and sometimes people join together to help out one of their own.

Scotty Riggs’ mother passed away after a long battle with Wegener’s disease. The family needed assistance with mounting bills and legal fees, so they turned to the pro wrestling community.

A GoFundMe account was opened to help them pay for Scott Riggs’ mother’s costs. Fans and the community came through in a big way to help achieve that goal.

$8,125 was raised of a $8,100 goal, including Scott D’Amore who donated $1,000. Other notable donations include Chris Jericho who pitched in $500 and Bryan Alvarez donated $250. Marc Mero, Mark Madden, and Mick Foley each gave $200.

Our thoughts are with Scotty Riggs’ family at this time. This is a terrible situation, but the pro wrestling community was able to help out in a big way.