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Mac malware spreading for ~14 months installs backdoor on infected systems

reader comments 34 with 33 posters participating, including story author Share this story Mac malware known as UpdateAgent has been spreading for more than a year, and it is growing increasingly malevolent as its developers add new bells and whistles. The additions include the pushing of an aggressive second-stage adware payload that installs a persistent… Read More »

Exchange/Outlook autodiscover bug exposed 100,000+ email passwords

Enlarge / If you own the right domain, you can intercept hundreds of thousands of innocent third parties’ email credentials, just by operating a standard webserver. reader comments 35 with 25 posters participating, including story author Share this story Security researcher Amit Serper of Guardicore discovered a severe flaw in Microsoft’s autodiscover—the protocol which allows… Read More »

The NSA warns enterprises to beware of third-party DNS resolvers

Getty Images reader comments 74 with 43 posters participating Share this story DNS over HTTPS is a new protocol that protects domain-lookup traffic from eavesdropping and manipulation by malicious parties. Rather than an end-user device communicating with a DNS server over a plaintext channel—as DNS has done for more than three decades—DoH, as DNS over… Read More »