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8 Best Minecraft House Ideas

One of the fundamental parts of your Minecraft experience is building your forever home. You might be focused on the basics, such as building cute houses (we see you, cottagecore), and simplicity may be key for you. On the other hand, you could be the type to continually expand and use your home as a… Read More »

These Harry Potter Minecraft Builds From 2012 Are Still Cool

The following incredible Minecraft builds come from the rich world of Harry Potter. Hogsmeade, Azkaban and of course plenty of amazing renditions of Hogwarts itself have all been faithfully recreated by Harry Potter superfans. Is this list from 2012? Maybe. Is it still cool? Definitely. 1. Harry as Pixel Art (Cute!) 2. More Pixel Art!… Read More »

Microsoft Exchange servers worldwide hit by stealthy new backdoor

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Researchers have identified stealthy new malware that threat actors have been using for the past 15 months to backdoor Microsoft Exchange servers after they have been hacked. Dubbed SessionManager, the malicious software poses as a legitimate module for Internet Information Services (IIS), the web server installed by default on Exchange servers.… Read More »

Skate 4: New Trailer Revealed, EA Asking for Playtesters

Since Skate 3’s release over 12 years ago, fans and newcomers alike have eagerly awaited the release of Skate 4 (also known as skate.). Though it’s been almost a year since Full Circle's last update, the newly-formed team wants players to know that they're “still working on it.” Today, the team released a trailer for… Read More »

Halo Infinite Campaign Co-op Beta Drops July 11

At last, it looks like Halo Infinite is nearing its long-promised campaign co-op. 343 Industries has announced that a two-week-long beta preview of the feature is happening at last, running from July 11 through July 22. The beta will include the entire campaign, and is available to anyone who either owns Halo Infinite or has… Read More »