Monthly Archives: December 2020

Why X-Pac’s Bronco Buster Was Banned In WCW

There were a lot of interesting decisions in WCW. They were also on TNT, a network with a strict standards and practices department. This sometimes got in the way of creative moves, especially ones that involve putting one’s crotch in their opponent’s face.  X-Pac 1,2,360 returned and X-Pac had a lot to say in that… Read More »

Cezar Bononi Celebrates Birth Of First Son

Today is a happy day for the pro wrestling community as Cezar Bononi celebrates the birth of his first son. Joshua Veita Bononi was born on December 28th. Baby and mother both seem to be doing fine. Bononi revealed this happy news via social media on Thursday afternoon. He said that their plans had to… Read More »

Mississippi State, Tulsa brawl at end of Armed Forces Bowl

The year 2020 had to end somehow — why not with a big fight at the end of the Armed Forces Bowl between Mississippi State and Tulsa? Tensions were high even before Thursday afternoon’s game in Fort Worth, Texas, as a scuffle broke out pregame. Then a big hit on a late onside kick attempt… Read More »

Tom Brady’s Rob Gronkowski impression deserves an award

There’s only one Rob Gronkowski, but Tom Brady did a pretty good job sounding like his Buccaneers teammate on Thursday. Brady’s attempt to replicate Gronkowski’s manner of speaking came during a pre-Week 17 press conference in which he joined Buccaneers media on Zoom. Apparently, Brady worked out with Gronkowski one day ahead of a GQ… Read More »