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Apple rushes out patches for two zero-days threatening iOS and macOS users

reader comments 41 with 32 posters participating, including story author Share this story Apple on Thursday released fixes for two critical zero-day vulnerabilities in iPhones, iPads, and Macs that give hackers dangerous access to the internals of the OSes the devices run on. Apple credited an anonymous researcher with discovering both vulnerabilities. The first vulnerability,… Read More »

Nintendo Shows Off How Miis Will Look in Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports, a spiritual successor to Wii Sports, will let players create and play with unique avatars. But that doesn’t mean Miis are going anywhere. In Nintendo Switch Sports, players can create a Sports Mate, a detailed avatar they can create and customize. But in the original Wii Sports, players were able to use… Read More »

Capcom Is Raising Employee Salaries by 30 Percent

Capcom announced that it is raising the average employee salary at the company by 30 percent as well as introducing a new bonus structure tied to the overall company’s business performance. Capcom is also establishing a new Chief Human Resources Officer role. According to a new investor relations statement on Capcom’s website, these initiatives are… Read More »

Mystery solved in destructive attack that knocked out >10k Viasat modems

Enlarge / A Viasat Internet satellite dish in the yard of a house in Madison, Virginia. reader comments 5 with 5 posters participating Share this story Viasat—the high-speed-satellite-broadband provider whose modems were knocked out in Ukraine and other parts of Europe earlier this month—has confirmed a theory by third-party researchers that new wiper malware with… Read More »

Why Roberta Williams Is Re-embarking on a Colossal Cave Adventure in 2022

Even after she retired from making adventure games, Sierra On-Line co-founder Roberta Williams never stopped having adventures. After a legendary career as a pioneer of the adventure genre, creating games like King’s Quest, Mystery House, Phantasmagoria, and many more, Williams has spent her retirement sailing all over the world with her husband and Sierra co-founder… Read More »