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Apple clarifies security update policy: Only the latest OSes are fully patched

Enlarge / The default wallpaper for macOS 11 Big Sur. reader comments 56 with 29 posters participating Share this story Earlier this week, Apple released a document clarifying its terminology and policies around software upgrades and updates. Most of the information in the document isn’t new, but the company did provide one clarification about its… Read More »

Apple rushes out patches for two zero-days threatening iOS and macOS users

reader comments 41 with 32 posters participating, including story author Share this story Apple on Thursday released fixes for two critical zero-day vulnerabilities in iPhones, iPads, and Macs that give hackers dangerous access to the internals of the OSes the devices run on. Apple credited an anonymous researcher with discovering both vulnerabilities. The first vulnerability,… Read More »

Mac malware spreading for ~14 months installs backdoor on infected systems

reader comments 34 with 33 posters participating, including story author Share this story Mac malware known as UpdateAgent has been spreading for more than a year, and it is growing increasingly malevolent as its developers add new bells and whistles. The additions include the pushing of an aggressive second-stage adware payload that installs a persistent… Read More »

Booby-trapped sites delivered potent new backdoor trojan to macOS users

reader comments 60 with 47 posters participating Share this story Researchers have uncovered advanced, never-before-seen macOS malware that was installed using exploits that were almost impossible for most users to detect or stop once the users landed on a malicious website. The malware was a full-featured backdoor that was written from scratch, an indication that… Read More »

Apple users warned: Clicking this attachment will take over your macOS

reader comments 37 with 30 posters participating Share this story A code execution bug in Apple’s macOS allows remote attackers to run arbitrary commands on your device. And the worst part is, Apple hasn’t fully patched it yet, as tested by Ars. Those shortcut files can take over your Mac Independent security researcher Park Minchan… Read More »

No, it doesn’t just crash Safari. Apple has yet to fix exploitable flaw

reader comments 35 with 25 posters participating, including story author Share this story Apple has yet to patch a security bug found in iPhones and Macs despite the availability of a fix released almost three weeks ago, a researcher said. The vulnerability resides in WebKit, the browser engine that powers Safari and all browsers that… Read More »

Actively exploited macOS 0day let hackers take screenshots of infected Macs

reader comments 12 with 9 posters participating, including story author Share this story Malicious hackers have been exploiting a vulnerability in fully updated versions of macOS that allowed them to take screenshots on infected Macs without having to get permission from victims first. The zeroday was exploited by XCSSET, a piece of malware discovered by… Read More »

Actively exploited Mac 0-day neutered core OS security defenses

Getty Images reader comments 63 with 54 posters participating Share this story When Apple released the latest version 11.3 for macOS on Monday, it didn’t just introduce support for new features and optimizations. More importantly, the company fixed a zero-day vulnerability that hackers were actively exploiting to install malware without triggering core Mac security mechanisms,… Read More »