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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Director Interview – Unlocked 572

Marvel’s Midnight Suns creative director Jake Solomon joins us to discuss Firaxis’ new superhero strategy-RPG – including a couple of Easter eggs that big Marvel fans should look out for. Plus: Todd Howard gives a vague hint about what to expect from MachineGames’ Indiana Jones game, we’ve got ideas for how to reinvigorate Xbox Games… Read More »

Mickey Saves Christmas: Basic But Stylish

Mickey Saves Christmas Has No Surprises In Store It’s one day before December, but everyone who celebrates it already knows it’s Christmas time. There’s no escaping, and there’s no point in delaying it. So, we’re looking at Mickey Saves Christmas, a short special that disappointed me for reasons entirely my fault. For clarity’s sake, I… Read More »

Chrome, Defender, and Firefox 0-days linked to commercial IT firm in Spain

reader comments 13 with 0 posters participating Share this story Google researchers said on Wednesday they have linked a Barcelona, Spain-based IT company to the sale of advanced software frameworks that exploit vulnerabilities in Chrome, Firefox, and Windows Defender. Variston IT bills itself as a provider of tailor-made Information security solutions, including technology for embedded… Read More »

Disney’s new neural network can change an actor’s age with ease

Enlarge / An example of Disney’s FRAN age-changing AI that shows the original image on the left and re-aged rows of older (top, at age 65) and younger (lower, at age 18) examples of the same person. reader comments 60 with 0 posters participating Share this story Disney researchers have created a new neural network… Read More »