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Does Tor provide more benefit or harm? New paper says it depends

reader comments 119 with 74 posters participating Share this story The Tor anonymity network has generated controversy almost constantly since its inception almost two decades ago. Supporters say it’s a vital service for protecting online privacy and circumventing censorship, particularly in countries with poor human rights records. Critics, meanwhile, argue that Tor shields criminals distributing… Read More »

Lance Storm Says AEW Is ‘Like Pineapple On A Pizza’

Lance Storm has a way with words. He recently tweeted out a musing that sparked quite a conversation within the Internet Wrestling Community. Storm has seen plenty of debates about AEW since the company started. He tweeted out saying that he concluded that the Tony Khan-operated promotion is like pineapple on a pizza. Some people… Read More »

Likely Full Card For WWE TLC Pay-Per-View

WWE TLC is going down on December 20th, and there are no official matches booked for the card. If you watched television closely this week there are some very good ideas about where they are heading. The company doesn’t have any matches confirmed behind the scenes either. The only two matches that we know of… Read More »