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Comcast hides upload speeds deep inside its infuriating ordering system

reader comments 75 with 66 posters participating, including story author Share this story Comcast just released a 2020 Network Performance Data report with stats on how much Internet usage rose during the pandemic, and it said that upload use is growing faster than download use. “Peak downstream traffic in 2020 increased approximately 38 percent over… Read More »

Microsoft issues emergency patches for 4 exploited 0-days in Exchange

reader comments 9 with 7 posters participating Share this story Microsoft is urging customers to install emergency patches as soon as possible to protect against highly skilled hackers who are actively exploiting four zero-day vulnerabilities in Exchange Server. The software maker said hackers working on behalf of the Chinese government have been using the previously… Read More »

Trump’s is one of 15,000 Gab accounts that just got hacked

reader comments 148 with 81 posters participating Share this story The founder of the far-right social media platform Gab said that the private account of former President Donald Trump was among the data stolen and publicly released by hackers who recently breached the site. In a statement on Sunday, founder Andrew Torba used a transphobic… Read More »

Verizon and AT&T dominate spectrum auction, spending combined $69 billion

reader comments 17 with 16 posters participating Share this story Verizon and AT&T dominated the US government’s latest spectrum auction, spending a combined $68.9 billion on licenses in the upper 3GHz band. Verizon’s winning bids totaled $45.45 billion, while AT&T’s came in at $23.41 billion. T-Mobile was third with $9.34 billion as the three biggest… Read More »

Ukraine says Russia hacked its document portal and planted malicious files

reader comments 46 with 26 posters participating Share this story Ukraine has accused the Russian government of hacking into one of its government Web portals and planting malicious documents that would install malware on end users’ computers. “The purpose of the attack was the mass contamination of information resources of public authorities, as this system… Read More »

AT&T and Frontier have let phone networks fall apart, Calif. regulator finds

reader comments 61 with 49 posters participating Share this story AT&T and Frontier have let their copper phone networks deteriorate through neglect since 2010, resulting in poor service quality and many lengthy outages, a report commissioned by the California state government found. Customers in low-income areas and areas without substantial competition have fared the worst,… Read More »

New browser-tracking hack works even when you flush caches or go incognito

Getty Images reader comments 103 with 76 posters participating, including story author Share this story The prospect of Web users being tracked by the sites they visit has prompted several countermeasures over the years, including using Privacy Badger or an alternate anti-tracking extension, enabling private or incognito browsing sessions, or clearing cookies. Now, websites have… Read More »

Parler says it’s back without “Big Tech” after being kicked off Amazon

Enlarge / Parler’s logo. reader comments 73 with 41 posters participating Share this story Parler.com is getting back online after being kicked off Amazon’s hosting service, with the controversial social network saying it no longer relies on “Big Tech” for its Web infrastructure. A Parler announcement today said its relaunched website is “built on sustainable,… Read More »