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Microsoft’s tactics to win cloud battle lead to new antitrust scrutiny

Aurich Lawson | Getty Images reader comments 20 with 18 posters participating Share this story Microsoft has escaped the recent backlash against the power and wealth of the biggest US tech companies. Despite a stock market value that has soared to more than $2 trillion on its dominance of various parts of the business software… Read More »

Intel suspends all operations in Russia “effective immediately”

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images reader comments 96 with 63 posters participating, including story author Share this story Intel, one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, is suspending business operations in Russia “effective immediately,” the company announced on Tuesday. “Intel continues to join the global community in condemning Russia’s war against Ukraine,” the company… Read More »

Russia inches closer to its splinternet dream

Kirill Kudryavtsev | Getty Images reader comments 56 with 44 posters participating Share this story Russian Twitter users noticed something strange when they tried to access the service on March 4: They couldn’t. For the previous six days, anyone trying to access Twitter from within Russia saw their Internet speed slow to a crawl, no… Read More »

Feds allege destructive Russian hackers targeted US oil refineries

Enlarge / Critical infrastructure sites such as this oil refinery in Port Arthur, Texas, rely on safety systems. reader comments 27 with 20 posters participating Share this story For years, the hackers behind the malware known as Triton or Trisis have stood out as a uniquely dangerous threat to critical infrastructure: a group of digital… Read More »

Banks on alert for Russian reprisal cyberattacks on Swift

NurPhoto | Getty Images reader comments 66 with 43 posters participating Share this story Big banks fear that Swift faces a growing threat of Russian cyberattacks after seven of the country’s lenders were kicked off the global payments messaging system over the weekend. VTB, Russia’s second-biggest bank, and Promsvyazbank, which finances Russia’s war machine, were… Read More »

Russia’s disinformation machinery breaks down in wake of Ukraine invasion

reader comments 48 with 33 posters participating Share this story For decades now, Vladimir Putin has slowly, carefully, and stealthily curated online and offline networks of influence. These efforts have borne lucrative fruit, helping Russia become far more influential than a country so corrupt and institutionally fragile had any right to be. The Kremlin and… Read More »

The secret US mission to bolster Ukraine’s cyber defenses ahead of Russia’s invasion

gwengoat | Getty Images reader comments 109 with 42 posters participating Share this story Months before the Russian invasion, a team of Americans fanned out across Ukraine looking for a very specific kind of threat. Some team members were soldiers with the US Army’s Cyber Command. Others were civilian contractors and some employees of American… Read More »

Hackers stoke pandemonium amid Russia’s war in Ukraine

Elena Lacey | Getty Images reader comments 7 with 6 posters participating Share this story On Thursday, hackers defaced a Russian Space Research Institute website and leaked files that they allege are stolen from Roscosmos, the Russian space agency. Their message? “Leave Ukraine alone else Anonymous will f*ck you up even more.” Meanwhile a DDoS… Read More »

Ukraine asks ICANN to revoke Russian domains and shut down DNS root servers

reader comments 115 with 77 posters participating Share this story A Ukraine government official on Monday asked the nonprofit group that oversees the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) to shut down DNS root servers in Russia and revoke Russian domains such as .ru, .рф, and .su. The letter to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names… Read More »