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The first GPT-4-class AI model anyone can download has arrived: Llama 405B

reader comments 70 In the AI world, there’s a buzz in the air about a new AI language model released Tuesday by Meta: Llama 3.1 405B. The reason? It’s potentially the first time anyone can download a GPT-4-class large language model (LLM) for free and run it on their own hardware. You’ll still need some… Read More »

OpenAI launches GPT-4o mini, which will replace GPT-3.5 in ChatGPT

Benj Edwards reader comments 29 On Thursday, OpenAI announced the launch of GPT-4o mini, a new, smaller version of its latest GPT-4o AI language model that will replace GPT-3.5 Turbo in ChatGPT, reports CNBC and Bloomberg. It will be available today for free users and those with ChatGPT Plus or Team subscriptions and will come… Read More »

Former OpenAI researcher’s new company will teach you how to build an LLM

reader comments 2 On Tuesday, former OpenAI researcher Andrej Karpathy announced the formation of a new AI learning platform called Eureka Labs. The venture aims to create an “AI native” educational experience, with its first offering focused on teaching students how to build their own large language model (LLM). “It’s still early days but I… Read More »

Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott thinks LLM “scaling laws” will hold despite criticism

Enlarge / Kevin Scott, CTO and EVP of AI at Microsoft speaks onstage during Vox Media’s 2023 Code Conference at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel on September 27, 2023 in Dana Point, California. reader comments 40 During an interview with Sequoia Capital’s Training Data podcast published last Tuesday, Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott doubled down on his… Read More »

OpenAI reportedly nears breakthrough with “reasoning” AI, reveals progress framework

reader comments 76 OpenAI recently unveiled a five-tier system to gauge its advancement toward developing artificial general intelligence (AGI), according to an OpenAI spokesperson who spoke with Bloomberg. The company shared this new classification system on Tuesday with employees during an all-hands meeting, aiming to provide a clear framework for understanding AI advancement. However, the… Read More »

OpenAI board shake-up: Microsoft out, Apple backs away amid AI partnership scrutiny

Benj Edwards / OpenAI / Microsoft reader comments 73 Microsoft has withdrawn from its non-voting observer role on OpenAI’s board, while Apple has opted not to take a similar position, reports Axios and Financial Times. The ChatGPT maker plans to update its business partners and investors through regular meetings instead of board representation. The development… Read More »

OpenAI’s new “CriticGPT” model is trained to criticize GPT-4 outputs

Enlarge / An illustration created by OpenAI. reader comments 26 On Thursday, OpenAI researchers unveiled CriticGPT, a new AI model designed to identify mistakes in code generated by ChatGPT. It aims to enhance the process of making AI systems behave in ways humans want (called “alignment”) through Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), which helps… Read More »

Music industry giants allege mass copyright violation by AI firms

Enlarge / Michael Jackson in concert, 1986. Sony Music owns a large portion of publishing rights to Jackson’s music. reader comments 103 Universal Music Group, Sony Music, and Warner Records have sued AI music-synthesis companies Udio and Suno for allegedly committing mass copyright infringement by using recordings owned by the labels to train music-generating AI… Read More »

Anthropic introduces Claude 3.5 Sonnet, matching GPT-4o on benchmarks

Anthropic / Benj Edwards reader comments 11 On Thursday, Anthropic announced Claude 3.5 Sonnet, its latest AI language model and the first in a new series of “3.5” models that build upon Claude 3, launched in March. Claude 3.5 can compose text, analyze data, and write code. It features a 200,000 token context window and… Read More »

Runway’s latest AI video generator brings giant cotton candy monsters to life

Enlarge / Screen capture of a Runway Gen-3 Alpha video generated with the prompt “A giant humanoid, made of fluffy blue cotton candy, stomping on the ground, and roaring to the sky, clear blue sky behind them.” reader comments 30 On Sunday, Runway announced a new AI video synthesis model called Gen-3 Alpha that’s still… Read More »