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Artist receives first known US copyright registration for generative AI art

Enlarge / An excerpt from the AI-assisted comic book Zarya of the Dawn, which received a US copyright registration. reader comments 35 with 27 posters participating Share this story In what might be a first, a New York-based artist named Kris Kashtanova has received US copyright registration on their graphic novel that features AI-generated artwork,… Read More »

Fearing copyright issues, Getty Images bans AI-generated artwork

Enlarge / A selection of Stable Diffusion images with a strikeout through them. Ars Technica reader comments 60 with 42 posters participating Share this story Getty Images has banned the sale of AI generative artwork created using image synthesis models such as Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, and Midjourney through its service, The Verge reports. To… Read More »

Film studios sue “no logs” VPN provider for $10 million

Enlarge / Your at-home entertainment studio. reader comments 74 with 59 posters participating Share this story Dozens of movie production companies sued LiquidVPN this year over the VPN provider’s marketing efforts that could be perceived as promoting piracy. These companies, which are now seeking $10 million in damages, claim that the “no log” policy of LiquidVPN… Read More »

Corellium notches partial victory in Apple iOS copyright case

Enlarge / Just some of the iDevice types that Corellium didn’t break one law—but may still have broken another—by emulating. reader comments 13 with 11 posters participating Share this story Security firm Corellium, which develops software that researchers can use to analyze Apple products, has been handed a partial victory in Apple’s lawsuit against it,… Read More »