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Venom: Let There Be Carnage Clip Teases Cletus Kasady’s Transformation

With only less than a week left before the highly-anticipated debut of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Sony Pictures has revealed a brand new clip for the upcoming Marvel sequel. The Venom: Let There Be Carnage clip features Woody Harrelson’s villainous Cletus Kasady, who is about to die in front of the families of his… Read More »


UK based retailer, LIMITED EDITION will be releasing a brand new style of variant cover for Marvel’s forthcoming VENOM #1, that will feature a printing technique that allows the viewer to see not only an amazing Venom cover by Junggeun Yoon, but with the enhancement of regular 3D glasses, two other images. The ‘Double-Exposure’ Editions… Read More »

Interview: Guardians of the Galaxy Devs Speak About Going From Stealth to Marvel-Level Action

Eidos Montreal might not be the first developer many people would put on a Guardians of the Galaxy game. The Canadian studio is mostly known for two Deus Ex games, which faithfully continued the stealth and immersive sim roots of the original. Guardians of the Galaxy is the tonal opposite of Adam Jensen’s adventures and adjusting to that… Read More »

Guardians of the Galaxy Preview: It’s Not Like Avengers & That’s a Good Thing

A game can sometimes become a punching bag and, sadly, Marvel’s Avengers is one of those games. While Insomniac Games’ two Spider-Man titles were thoughtful games based on the beloved web slingers, Avengers felt like the safest and most boring bet that was made worse by the games-as-a-service nature that infected the whole thing. It tainted… Read More »

Mezco Presents the One:12 Collective, Spider-Man 2099

“That’d be me. The Spider-Man of tomorrow, here to save today…” Spider-Man 2099 swings into the One:12 Collective! The One:12 Collective Spider-Man 2099 wears an Unstable Molecules suit, a material created by Sue Storm and Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. The suit features a web cape with integrated posing wire, spiked forearm gauntlets, and… Read More »

Disney Announces Disney+ Day, Confirms Shang-Chi Streaming Date

Disney is set to celebrate Disney+ Day later this year and has announced a ton of new content that’s planned to arrive on the streaming service in anticipation. RELATED: What If…? Episode 7 Teaser & Clip Features Chris Hemsworth’s Party Thor Disney+ Day will be held on Friday, November 12, 2021, and will act as a… Read More »

Chloe Zhao Explains Why The Eternals Didn’t Fight Thanos

One of the biggest questions fans have about the upcoming Marvel Studios film Eternals is why the celestial beings didn’t step in and interfere during the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. RELATED: Chloé Zhao Says Eternals Will Have ‘Very Big Effect’ on MCU Speaking about the film in a recent interview with Total… Read More »

Scanline VFX’s Matthew Giampa Breaks Down Pivotal Black Widow Sequence

Scanline VFX has had a busy year. Not only have they worked on projects such as Zach Snyder’s Justice League and Godzilla vs. Kong, but they were asked to handle a number of key sequences in Marvel’s summer blockbuster Black Widow. Visual Effects Supervisor Matthew Giampa took the time to break down the work Scanline… Read More »

Kit Harington Believes Eternals Is ‘the Tip of the Iceberg’ for Black Knight

Kit Harrington is no stranger to the world of huge properties, having already starred in the iconic Game of Thrones series as Jon Snow. Now set to make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Eternals, Harington believes his character has a lot more to explore. RELATED: Marvel’s Eternals Trailer Shows Ambitious… Read More »