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The Hollow: Mystery Over Cohesion

The Hollow Quickly Falls Apart Into Theory Baiting The Hollow is a decent enough show mired by gimmick issues. The biggest one is its reliance on the “Mystery Box” model. For those unaware, it’s a storytelling method where you reveal tiny bits of information during many episodes to keep people interested. It relies on curiosity… Read More »

The Wheel of Time: Mostly Underwhelming

The Wheel of Time Doesn’t Impress Nearly Enough Watching The Wheel of Time is a real-time game of deciding whether the show will do something cool, or rote and overplayed. The series ping-pongs between these two modes with such regularity it’s almost baffling. But before we go into that, I must address something: I haven’t… Read More »

Arcane: A Stylized Fantasy Worth The Hype

Arcane Continues A Wonderful New Media Trend Arcane cemented for me we’re living in an era where video game-inspired media is consistently good. It seemed to get going with Sonic the Hedgehog but hasn’t stopped since. Finally, people are throwing passion and craft at stories and lore and worlds that gamers have been connecting with for years.… Read More »

Hawkeye: The Marvel Miniseries Hits Its Target

Hawkeye Nails The Best Parts of Any MCU Project The problem with reviewing Hawkeye is not that it’s bad, but that it’s so consistently good, in that specific Marvel way, that to describe it in usual terms doesn’t work. We all know what a good Marvel thing is like: fun, witty, action-packed, with simplistic but… Read More »

5(+2) Sci-Fi/Fantasy Things To Stream This Christmas *Updated!*

(It’s been a while, and this article needed an update. So, we’ve added two more things to stream this holiday season.) For fans of sci-fi and fantasy, there may not be that many go-to Christmas television episodes and movies that tickle our unique sensibilities, but that does not mean it is all hopeless. This is… Read More »

PREVIEW: Marvel’s Falcon and the Winter Soldier Collector’s Special

A guide to Marvel Studios’ brand-new TV series, airing on Disney+, which picks the story up after Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame.  Includes interviews with the cast and crew of the new shows. Marvel Studios’ Falcon and the Winter Soldier focuses on Captain America’s fighting companions, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, played by Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.… Read More »

It Came From The Archives! “Why A Unique Film Is Not Better”

(One of the most evergreen articles I’ve ever written, it’s still super relevant today. Worth rembering whenever some new Marvel movie gets slammed by critics.) Originally Published: November 25th, 2020 Novelty Does Not Ever Equal Quality Media The thing about reviewers and critics is that we sometimes get overwhelmed with the sameness of media—and thus… Read More »

It Came From The Archives! “Vampires In 2021: A Defense of Recent Vampire Fiction”

(Well, Halloween has gone and ended. But, for those still wanting a little more spooky fun, here’s an older article about vampires and how they’re still a great monster idea.) Originally Published: March 22nd, 2021 Let Me Explain How Vampires Are Still Awesome In defending the modern concept of a vampire, you might assume that… Read More »