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Trailer Review: The Matrix Resurrections

[embedded content] The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Shows Promise The Matrix Resurrections trailer is here, and it’s honestly better than I was expecting. The action scenes, the slick editing: it’s fun to watch this trailer by itself, let alone what it’ll be like with the actual film.  But there’s a problem—and it’s not the movie’s fault.… Read More »

It Came From The Archives! “Top Five Niche Subgenres We Should See More”

(I’m still not seeing enough of these subgenres coming out, so, to somehow influence things, I’m bringing back this article from earlier this year. – Brandon Scott) Originally Published: Feburary 26th, 2021 As more media comes out, and people consume more of it, niche subgenres form. One person comes up with some twist on a… Read More »

It Came From The Archives! “The Chaos Walking Trilogy: The YA War Series of 2010”

(Since we just finished going over every published Fazbear Frights book, and some of you might need something to read, I figured I’d bring back around my review of this excellent science fiction series. – Brandon Scott) Originally Published: May 26th, 2021  Chaos Walking Goes To Some Really Dark Places Having now read the entire… Read More »

It Came From The Archives! “Learning Writing From Brandon Sanderson”

(This is perhaps the most evergreen article I’ve ever written. It is always relevant. And, since a lot of our readers are writers, it seemed worthwhile to bring it to the attention of anyone new to the site. – Brandon Scott) Originally Published: October 5th, 2020  [embedded content] Brandon Sanderson Is Amazing And Entertaining I… Read More »

Friday Fiction: Once Human

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, may I have your attention, please?! You’ve been patient! You’ve been diligent! You’ve been loyal! Now, for demonstrating such tremendous qualities, such incredible attributes, such unbelievable resolve, you shall be rewarded! Friends, bloggers, Earthlings, lend me your ears! The time has come, yet again, for you to get your proper dose of excitement,… Read More »

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things: A Better Romantic Comedy

[embedded content] Finally, A Good Science Fiction Romantic Comedy The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is one of the rare romantic comedies that not only functions well as such, but also is a wonderful and heartwarming science fiction story with a strong understanding of its premise. This is the first time I’ve seen the time… Read More »