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Comic Crusaders Podcast: Nathan Doom / The Jump: Behind the Con App

Join Al Mega for a NEW Comic Crusaders Podcast as he is joined by guest, Nathan Doom, the Product & Illustration Pro behind The Jump’s new App, Behind the Con! [embedded content] Learn more at thejump.com/behindthecon or go directly to The Jump BTC Download The Jump app in the App Store, Google Play or check… Read More »

Adblockers installed 300,000 times are malicious and should be removed now

Getty Images reader comments 22 with 16 posters participating Share this story Adblocking extensions with more than 300,000 active users have been surreptitiously uploading user browsing data and tampering with users’ social media accounts thanks to malware its new owner introduced a few weeks ago, according to technical analyses and posts on Github. Hugo Xu,… Read More »

Six Russians accused of the world’s most destructive hacks indicted

reader comments 90 with 56 posters participating Share this story Six men accused of carrying out some of the world’s most destructive hacks—including the NotPetya disk wiper and power grid attacks that knocked out electricity for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians—have been indicted in US federal court. The indictment said that all six men are… Read More »

Hackers are using a severe Windows bug to backdoor unpatched servers

Getty Images reader comments 12 with 8 posters participating Share this story One of the most critical Windows vulnerabilities disclosed this year is under active attack by hackers who are trying to backdoor servers that store credentials for every user and administrative account on a network, a researcher said on Friday. Zerologon, as the vulnerability… Read More »

Thousands of infected IoT devices used in for-profit anonymity service

reader comments 10 with 9 posters participating Share this story Some 9,000 devices—mostly running Android, but also the Linux and Darwin operating Systems—have been corralled into the Interplanetary Storm, the name given to a botnet whose chief purpose is creating a for-profit proxy service, likely for anonymous Internet use. The finding is based on several… Read More »

Google and Intel warn of high-severity Bluetooth security bug in Linux

reader comments 41 with 26 posters participating, including story author Share this story Google and Intel are warning of a high-severity Bluetooth flaw in all but the most recent version of the Linux Kernel. While a Google researcher said the bug allows seamless code execution by attackers within Bluetooth range, Intel is characterizing the flaw… Read More »

Verizon “nationwide” 5G ready for iPhone 12—don’t expect a big speed boost

Enlarge / Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg at Apple’s iPhone 12 event. reader comments 44 with 33 posters participating Share this story Verizon today announced “nationwide” 5G coverage along with support for the new 5G-enabled iPhones. But for most consumers, Verizon’s 5G upgrade won’t make much of a difference. The newly enabled 5G runs on the… Read More »

Undocumented backdoor that covertly takes snapshots found in kids’ smartwatch

reader comments 73 with 51 posters participating Share this story A popular smartwatch designed exclusively for children contains an undocumented backdoor that makes it possible for someone to remotely capture camera snapshots, wiretap voice calls, and track locations in real time, a researcher said. The X4 smartwatch is marketed by Xplora, a Norway-based seller of… Read More »