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HDMI Forum to AMD: No, you can’t make an open source HDMI 2.1 driver

Getty Images reader comments 95 Any Linux user trying to send the highest-resolution images to a display at the fastest frame rate is out of luck for the foreseeable future, at least when it comes to an HDMI connection. The licensing group that controls the HDMI standard, the HDMI Forum, has reportedly told AMD that… Read More »

Avast ordered to stop selling browsing data from its browsing privacy apps

Getty Images reader comments 40 Avast, a name known for its security research and antivirus apps, has long offered Chrome extensions, mobile apps, and other tools aimed at increasing privacy. Avast’s apps would “block annoying tracking cookies that collect data on your browsing activities,” and prevent web services from “tracking your online activity.” Deep in… Read More »

New app always points to the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy

Enlarge / A photo of Galactic Compass running on an iPhone. Matt Webb / Getty Images reader comments 51 On Thursday, designer Matt Webb unveiled a new iPhone app called Galactic Compass, which always points to the center of the Milky Way galaxy—no matter where Earth is positioned on our journey through the stars. The… Read More »

Nginx core developer quits project in security dispute, starts “freenginx” fork

Getty Images reader comments 42 A core developer of Nginx, currently the world’s most popular web server, has quit the project, stating that he no longer sees it as “a free and open source project… for the public good.” His fork, freenginx, is “going to be run by developers, and not corporate entities,” writes Maxim… Read More »

Broadcom-owned VMware kills the free version of ESXi virtualization software

reader comments 87 Since Broadcom’s $61 billion acquisition of VMware closed in November 2023, Broadcom has been charging ahead with major changes to the company’s personnel and products. In December, Broadcom began laying off thousands of employees and stopped selling perpetually licensed versions of VMware products, pushing its customers toward more stable and lucrative software… Read More »

OpenWrt, now 20 years old, is crafting its own future-proof reference hardware

Enlarge / Failing an image of the proposed reference hardware by the OpenWrt group, let us gaze upon where this all started: inside a device that tried to quietly use open source software without crediting or releasing it. Jim Salter reader comments 60 OpenWrt, the open source firmware that sprang from Linksys’ use of open… Read More »

Convicted murderer, filesystem creator writes of regrets to Linux list

Enlarge / A portion of the cover letter attached to Hans Reiser’s response to Fredrick Brennan’s prompt about his filesystem’s obsolescence. Fredrick Brennan reader comments 96 With the ReiserFS recently considered obsolete and slated for removal from the Linux kernel entirely, Fredrick R. Brennan, font designer and (now regretful) founder of 8chan, wrote to the filesystem’s… Read More »