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Passengers couldn’t fly after NHS vaccine passport went offline

reader comments 78 with 52 posters participating Share this story England’s COVID Pass system went offline for hours on Wednesday, causing British travelers to remain stranded at airports. Some passengers couldn’t board their flights, while others suffered delays as both the National Health Service (NHS) website and app experienced issues. Delays and missed flights An… Read More »

Verizon’s Visible cell customers hacked, leading to unauthorized purchases

reader comments 53 with 37 posters participating Share this story Numerous Visible Wireless subscribers are reporting that their accounts were hacked this week. Visible runs on Verizon’s 5G and 4G LTE networks and is owned by Verizon. Suspicions of a data breach at Visible started Monday when some customers saw unauthorized purchases on their accounts: @Visible… Read More »

“Hacker X”—the American who built a pro-Trump fake news empire—unmasks himself

Aurich Lawson | Getty Images reader comments 458 with 221 posters participating Share this story This is the story of the mastermind behind one of the largest “fake news” operations in the US. For two years, he ran websites and Facebook groups that spread bogus stories, conspiracy theories, and propaganda. Under him was a dedicated… Read More »

US gov’t will slap contractors with civil lawsuits for hiding breaches

reader comments 26 with 24 posters participating Share this story In a groundbreaking initiative announced by the Department of Justice this week, federal contractors will be sued if they fail to report a cyber attack or data breaches. The newly introduced “Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative” will leverage the existing False Claims Act to pursue contractors and grant… Read More »

Twitch source code, creator earnings exposed in 125GB leak

Aurich Lawson / Getty Images reader comments 95 with 64 posters participating Share this story Live video broadcasting service Twitch has been hit by a massive hack that exposed 125GB of the company’s data. In a 4chan thread posted (and removed) Wednesday, an anonymous user posted a torrent file of the data dump. The dump… Read More »

Facebook’s outage likely cost the company over $60 million

Getty Images reader comments 52 with 38 posters participating Share this story In a major outage yesterday, Facebook, along with its sibling sites, WhatsApp and Instagram, became unreachable for hours. Real-time website status tracker DownDetector received over 14 million reports from users who couldn’t use the social media giant’s apps and services. But beyond the obvious… Read More »

Windows 11: The Ars Technica review

reader comments 62 with 46 posters participating, including story author Share this story Microsoft wanted everyone to use Windows 10. Faced with slow adoption of Windows 8 and the stubborn popularity of Windows 7, Microsoft made Windows 10 a free upgrade for anyone using either version—the offer technically expired years ago, but to this day,… Read More »

Researcher refuses Telegram’s bounty award, discloses auto-delete bug

reader comments 52 with 44 posters participating Share this story Telegram patched another image self-destruction bug in its app earlier this year. This flaw was a different issue from the one reported in 2019. But the researcher who reported the bug isn’t pleased with Telegram’s months-long turnaround time—and an offered $1,159 (€1,000) bounty award in… Read More »

“Wayforward Machine” provides a glimpse into the future of the web

reader comments 46 with 34 posters participating Share this story What could the future of the Internet look like? With the digital world of the 21st century becoming a pit of unwanted ads, tracking, paywalls, unsafe content, and legal threats, “Wayforward Machine” has a dystopian picture in mind. Behind the clickbaity name, Wayforward Machine is… Read More »