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Pipeline attacker Darkside suddenly goes dark—here’s what we know

reader comments 67 with 52 posters participating Share this story Darkside—the ransomware group that disrupted gasoline distribution across a wide swath of the US this week—has gone dark, leaving it unclear if the group is ceasing, suspending, or altering its operations or is simply orchestrating an exit scam. On Thursday, all eight of the dark… Read More »

Colonial Pipeline resumes operations after ransomware prompted closure

reader comments 102 with 67 posters participating Share this story Colonial Pipeline said it restarted operations on Wednesday afternoon after a five-day outage brought on by a ransomware attack caused gasoline shortages and panic buying in East Coast states. “Following this restart, it will take several days for the product delivery supply chain to return… Read More »

Ransomware crooks post cops’ psych evaluations after talks with DC police stall

reader comments 138 with 93 posters participating Share this story A ransomware gang that hacked the District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) in April posted personnel records on Tuesday that revealed highly sensitive details for almost two dozen officers, including the results of psychological assessments and polygraph tests; driver’s license images; fingerprints; social security… Read More »

Security researcher successfully jailbreaks an Apple AirTag

reader comments 45 with 30 posters participating, including story author Share this story After permanently bricking two AirTags, stacksmashing succeeded in breaking into and reprogramming a third. stacksmashing used segger.com’s J-Link flash download utility to extract firmware from the AirTag’s nRF52 Bluetooth Low Energy SoC. Here’s the loot—AirTag firmware files extracted from their nRF52 SoC,… Read More »

Apple brass discussed disclosing 128-million iPhone hack, then decided not to

Getty Images reader comments 25 with 19 posters participating Share this story In September 2015, Apple managers had a dilemma on their hands: should, or should they not, notify 128 million iPhone users of what remains the worst mass iOS compromise on record? Ultimately, all evidence shows, they chose to keep quiet. The mass hack… Read More »

US physics lab Fermilab exposes proprietary data for all to see

reader comments 39 with 28 posters participating Share this story Multiple unsecured entry points allowed researchers to access data belonging to Fermilab, a national particle physics and accelerator lab supported by the Department of Energy. This week, security researchers Robert Willis, John Jackson, and Jackson Henry of the Sakura Samurai ethical hacking group have shared details… Read More »

Fix for critical Qualcomm chip flaw is making its way to Android devices

Getty Images reader comments 13 with 12 posters participating Share this story Makers of high-end Android devices are responding to the discovery of a Qualcomm chip flaw that researchers say could be exploited to partially backdoor about a third of the world’s smartphones. The vulnerability, discovered by researchers from security firm Check Point Research, resides… Read More »

Severe vulnerabilities in Dell firmware update driver found and fixed

Enlarge / At least three companies have reported the dbutil_2_3.sys security problems to Dell over the past two years. reader comments 18 with 18 posters participating Share this story Yesterday, infosec research firm SentinelLabs revealed 12-year-old flaws in Dell’s firmware updater, DBUtil 2.3. The vulnerable firmware updater has been installed by default on hundreds of millions of… Read More »

New Spectre attack once again sends Intel and AMD scrambling for a fix

reader comments 31 with 23 posters participating Share this story Since 2018, an almost endless series of attacks broadly known as Spectre has kept Intel and AMD scrambling to develop defenses to mitigate vulnerabilities that allow malware to pluck passwords and other sensitive information directly out of silicon. Now, researchers say they’ve devised a new… Read More »