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Hackers exploited Windows 0-day for 6 months after Microsoft knew of it

reader comments 22 Hackers backed by the North Korean government gained a major win when Microsoft left a Windows zero-day unpatched for six months after learning it was under active exploitation. Even after Microsoft patched the vulnerability last month, the company made no mention that the North Korean threat group Lazarus had been using the… Read More »

The AI wars heat up with Claude 3, claimed to have “near-human” abilities

Enlarge / The Anthropic Claude 3 logo. reader comments 92 On Monday, Anthropic released Claude 3, a family of three AI language models similar to those that power ChatGPT. Anthropic claims the models set new industry benchmarks across a range of cognitive tasks, even approaching “near-human” capability in some cases. It’s available now through Anthropic’s… Read More »

US prescription market hamstrung for 9 days (so far) by ransomware attack

Getty Images reader comments 60 Nine days after a Russian-speaking ransomware syndicate took down the biggest US health care payment processor, pharmacies, health care providers, and patients were still scrambling to fill prescriptions for medicines, many of which are lifesaving. On Thursday, UnitedHealth Group accused a notorious ransomware gang known both as AlphV and Black… Read More »

Hugging Face, the GitHub of AI, hosted code that backdoored user devices

Getty Images reader comments 30 Code uploaded to AI developer platform Hugging Face covertly installed backdoors and other types of malware on end-user machines, researchers from security firm JFrog said Thursday in a report that’s a likely harbinger of what’s to come. In all, JFrog researchers said, they found roughly 100 submissions that performed hidden… Read More »

AI-generated articles prompt Wikipedia to downgrade CNET’s reliability rating

reader comments 67 Wikipedia has downgraded tech website CNET’s reliability rating following extensive discussions among its editors regarding the impact of AI-generated content on the site’s trustworthiness, as noted in a detailed report from Futurism. The decision reflects concerns over the reliability of articles found on the tech news outlet after it began publishing AI-generated… Read More »

HDMI Forum to AMD: No, you can’t make an open source HDMI 2.1 driver

Getty Images reader comments 95 Any Linux user trying to send the highest-resolution images to a display at the fastest frame rate is out of luck for the foreseeable future, at least when it comes to an HDMI connection. The licensing group that controls the HDMI standard, the HDMI Forum, has reportedly told AMD that… Read More »

GitHub besieged by millions of malicious repositories in ongoing attack

Getty Images reader comments 36 GitHub is struggling to contain an ongoing attack that’s flooding the site with millions of code repositories. These repositories contain obfuscated malware that steals passwords and cryptocurrency from developer devices, researchers said. The malicious repositories are clones of legitimate ones, making them hard to distinguish to the casual eye. An… Read More »

Microsoft partners with OpenAI-rival Mistral for AI models, drawing EU scrutiny

reader comments 20 On Monday, Microsoft announced plans to offer AI models from Mistral through its Azure cloud computing platform, which came in conjunction with a 15 million euro non-equity investment in the French firm, which is often seen as a European rival to OpenAI. Since then, the investment deal has faced scrutiny from European… Read More »