Angel Garza Wins WWE 24/7 Title During WWE New Year’s Party

By | December 31, 2020

R-Truth almost made it out of 2020 as WWE 24/7 Champion. Then Angel Garza stepped in.

During TikTok’s New Year’s Eve party livestream, Angel Garza won the WWE 24/7 Title, a title that can be defended anywhere.

The segment had Angel Garza give a rose to Lana, but then New Day and R-Truth interrupted them. Angel Garza seized the opportunity and rolled R-Truth up for a pinfall when Truth wasn’t paying attention. A referee just happened to be around.

The New Day screamed about this, and R-Truth was not happy at all about losing his baby.

This was quite a surprising win. It also marks WWE’s final title change of the year. You can check it out below.