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Boston Celtics Play Triple H’s Theme Ahead Of Bucks NBA Playoff Game

Triple H is one of wrestling’s all-time greats in professional wrestling. TheGame announced his retirement from pro wrestling earlier this year, but his presence continues to be felt in the world of sports and entertainment. The Boston Celtics played game seven of their Eastern Conference semi-final against Milwaukee Buck. The Celtics kicked off the game… Read More »

The tech sector teardown is more catharsis than crisis

reader comments 128 with 73 posters participating Share this story Following a series of “super clarifying” meetings with shareholders, Uber’s chief executive, Dara Khosrowshahi, emailed employees on Sunday night with an arresting message: “we need to show them the money.” Mangling his metaphors, Khosrowshahi explained that the market was experiencing a “seismic shift” and the “goalposts… Read More »