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Mega and the Toddfather talk Gunslinger Spawn! – Comic Crusaders Podcast #90

Today Al chats with the Legend himself, The Toddfather, Todd McFarlane! Tune in as we chat all about the NEXT Hit title in the Spawn Universe, Gunslinger Spawn and more…. [embedded content] NOTES: Gunslinger Spawn is anticipated to become the biggest new character launch in 30 years, including Marvel and DC launches!!! Gunslinger Spawn #1… Read More »

Spawn Universe and more with Todd McFarlane! – Comic Crusaders Podcast #52

Join Al Mega as he chats with legendary comic creator and entrepreneur, Todd McFarlane about the expansion of the Spawn mythos via Spawn’s Universe (the highest selling comic book of the century already) King Spawn and more… We also get the exclusive scoop on some new figures! Tune in now: [embedded content] Leave a comment… Read More »

EXT – CC / GeekFest Special #12

Today Al Mega chats with the director of sci-fi short, EXT currently on your at GeekFest filmFest Year 8. [embedded content] Synopsis: In the snow-covered ruins of 24th century Toronto, AEGIS, a humanoid war machine, leads a team of five similar yet unique machines into the EXT, the new real-world to retake an enemy-occupied server… Read More »

The Team Behind Hayvard Saint’s 8: Federal Offensive Responders CCP Ep. 38

Today Al Mega speaks with writer/creator Ryan Palmer and artist Dheeraj Verma all about their latest indie comics adventure Hayvard Saint’s 8: Federal Offensive Responders. Watch and learn all about this GREAT comic book and how you can get your h ands on one! [embedded content] Sign up to stay up-to-date: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hayvard-saint-s-8-federal-offensive-responders/coming_soonhttps://www.indi egogo.com/proje​ Thanks for… Read More »

Who is Sonya Devereaux? Comic Crusaders Podcast Ep. 37

Tune in as Al Mega chats with the creative minds behind a very cool indie comic book, Starring Sonya Devereaux, Brendon Fraim (penciller), Brian Fraim (Inker), Nick Capetanakis (writer), and Todd Livingston (Writer). [embedded content] Sonya’s socials: facebook.com/starringsonyadevereauxIG: @starringsonyadevereauxTikTok: @starringsonyadevereauxTwitter: @StarringSonya Thanks for watching!Make sure to Subscribe if you haven’t.Episode 37 in an unlimited series!Host:… Read More »

Comic Crusaders Podcast: Nathan Doom / The Jump: Behind the Con App

Join Al Mega for a NEW Comic Crusaders Podcast as he is joined by guest, Nathan Doom, the Product & Illustration Pro behind The Jump’s new App, Behind the Con! [embedded content] Learn more at thejump.com/behindthecon or go directly to The Jump BTC Download The Jump app in the App Store, Google Play or check… Read More »

Comic Crusaders Podcast: Garrett Gunn

Al Mega chats it up with the creator of several hit indie comics such as Go West, Franklin and Ghost, The Boxmasters: A Twisted Tale Through Time, Warcorns and more…. the one and only, Garrett Gunn. Tune in to find out about his  upcoming Kickstarter on Oct. 1st, Warcorns: Combat Unicorns for Hire – Back… Read More »