Skate 4: New Trailer Revealed, EA Asking for Playtesters

By | June 30, 2022

Since Skate 3’s release over 12 years ago, fans and newcomers alike have eagerly awaited the release of Skate 4 (also known as skate.). Though it’s been almost a year since Full Circle's last update, the newly-formed team wants players to know that they're “still working on it.”

Today, the team released a trailer for the game showing footage of the game’s various prototypes (or, as the trailer puts it, “pre-pre-pre-alpha” versions).

The trailer is noticeably transparent about the game development process, giving players a glimpse of various processes like character rigging and dealing with bugs, though there are a few segments of gameplay with more polished graphics to show players what the game's future might have in store

It also seems that player feedback is a big component of Skate 4 — the trailer shows a variety of comments that the development team took into account, supposedly confirming features like nonbinary player customization options, the ability to climb up to skate spots, and cross-platform play.

EA is also recruiting playtesters for the game here. However, it is a closed playtest, so only certain players will be selected (and those who are won’t be able to share any content from the game).

While not much else is known about what the final game might look like, EA previously released a trailer for the game teasing an open-world design. It’ll also be available on PC (a franchise first) and will likely include opportunities for user-generated content.

Amelia Zollner is a freelance writer at IGN. Find them on Twitter: @ameliazollner.