Electric Life Launches Exclusive Limited Edition version of The Batman™️ Motorbike

By | December 1, 2022
With the rising success of ‘The Batman™️’ film release in 2022, the number of fans wanting key memorabilia items related to the film. This has been displayed above with the number of searches for key exclusive products, such as the famous batpod, batmobile and more. 
Whether it was the insanely good marketing campaign or the exciting $258 million global opening the film had, The Batman™️ will go down as one of the most successful comic book films of all time.
This popularity has influenced The Batman™️ super fans to get something to remember the movie by. This is why ‘​​Electric Life’ has created their exclusive and limited edition electric Motorbike so one of you super fans can be lucky enough to own this exclusive The Batman™️ Motorbike. 
This limited-edition electric motorbike is commissioned by award-winning artist David Bristow. David is known for his award-winning automotive airbrush art, so the team at Electric Life knew the right man for the job when creating this exclusive work of art.
Take the first glimpse of the exclusive The Batman™️ Limited Edition Stirling Eco Electro Ride Electric Motorbike. The Batman™️ enthusiasts will not want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind electric motorbike. The bike features iconic, hand-airbrushed The Batman™️ graphics on the bikes mudguards and upper ‘tanks’, and stunning chrome headlights for you to light up the night, this Limited Edition Electric Motorbike is a real head turner and will certainly not go unrecognised.
The Batman™️ Electric Motorbike delivers power equivalent to a 50cc motorbike from a 2000w magnetic steel motor and is powered by a 60v 20ah lithium-ion battery with up to 30 miles of range. As a road legal bike, The Batman™️ meets all the standard regulations and is equipped with indicators, front and rear lights, mirrors, and a horn.
So what’s stopping you from becoming The Batman™️? 
Get your hands on Electric Life’s distinguished, instantly recognisable CHOPPER STYLE that will have you in awe as it hosts impressive QUALITY and HEAD-TURNING DESIGN