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The Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch Right Now

New year, new shows. Maybe your pop culture resolution for 2021 was to keep up with the latest hits; maybe it was to finally get around to watching a great series you haven’t seen yet (we know, we know, Mad Man has been on your list for years!). Whatever your goals, it’s the perfect time… Read More »

9 Shows Like The Crown to Watch After You Finish The Crown Season 4

The Crown Season 4 delivered one of the series’ best seasons yet. This season covers events in Queen Elizabeth II’s (Olivia Colman) reign spanning from the year 1979 up until about 1990. If you know your history, you know that means The Crown is now tackling the Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) years at Downing Street, and… Read More »

The Best Historical Dramas to Watch on Netflix

You could learn about history in school or by doing “research,” which is fine, but maybe a little boring. But for those of you who consider yourselves a Netflix intellectual, there’s no better way to fill your head with the knowledge of important events of yesteryear than through the stylish and fictionalized accounts of TV’s… Read More »