Matt Cardona Recalls Time He Was Made To Apologize To Undertaker & Triple H

Impact Wrestling star Matt Cardona spent several years working in WWE, where he was known as Zack Ryder. While he had decent success during his time there, many fans felt that his booking was subpar at best and that Ryder was underutilized. While speaking on the latest episode of his True Long Island Story show,… Read More »

John Cena Disagrees with The Undertaker’s Controversial Views About WWE’s Talents Being “Soft”

The Undertaker’s controversial views about the current pro wrestlers and WWE’s product last month continues to be widely-discussed. Many pro wrestlers, both old and new, have given their opinion on what The Deadman said. Now it seems one of the most recognizable WWE Superstars has given his thoughts on the matter. While being interviewed by… Read More »

Mike Bennett Says The Undertaker Doesn’t Understand Current Generation Of Pro Wrestlers

The Undertaker was subjected to a lot of controversy after he shared his views on the modern-day pro wrestlers, stating that they aren’t as tough as those from previous eras of pro wrestling. The Deadman also mentioned how it was difficult to watch the current product was it was too ‘soft’ for him. Several pro… Read More »