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Advance Review: Devil’s Reign Winter Soldier #1

The Devil’s Reign crossover event continues this week, with perhaps a character that seems a touch oxymoronic in his actions being as they seem be counter intuitive to the overall theme of the event.  Bucky Barnes is after Wilson Fisk’s files, not to protect his own secrets, but to actually uncover them and get a… Read More »


This list is based on the shipping dates from the distributors order forms. It is not based off the final shipping lists from Diamond Distributors. Not all comic book shops order all items. Not all comic book stores have re-opened. If you have questions about a specific comic, talk to your comic shop owner. PLEASE… Read More »

The Sunder Katz: Heavy Metal Comics Part 1

Why Sunder? = To view different or alternative comics!The Sunder Katz is Indie Publisher Specific! Today The Katz explore the range of comics from Heavy Metal Comics! And why you should check out their amazing books. [embedded content] Their range of titles can be found in your Local Comic Book Store, Comixology: Their trades… Read More »

Advance Review: Mary Jane Black Cat Beyond #1 One-Shot

Whilst the whole Beyond storyline drags on (we all know that Peter is back in a few months), one of the surprising little solicitations from Marvel is this Mary Jane Black Cat team-up.  The timing works for Beyond, but does it work for Mary Jane, who recently had a mini series, and Black Cat whose… Read More »