8 Actors Who Should Play Terry McGinnis in a Live-Action Batman Beyond

By | February 2, 2021

8 actors who should play Terry McGinnis in a live-action Batman Beyond

ComingSoon.net has gathered a few actors who should play Terry McGinnis in an inevitable adaptation of Batman Beyond. Check out our selections below!

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The news of Michael Keaton returning to the role of Batman (after nearly 3 decades) has rocked the internet for months. DCEU’s The Flash (2022) will piggyback off Multiverse hype permeating superhero cinema, paving the way for endless possibilities and adaptations. What we’ve all been waiting for: a live-action Batman Beyond film/series. Aside from Harley Quinn, the Batman Beyond animated series is one of the best things to come out of the DC Animated Universe. Not only did the series’ futuristic neo-Gotham captivate viewers but its cocky protagonist, Terry McGinnis—whose origin story (and genetic makeup *wink*) mirrored the OG—improved the cape crusader’s legacy. A can-wielding/retired Wayne being just as cool as the younger man who once slung batarangs.

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Although its story has been acknowledged in comic-book canon, Batman Beyond has yet to make its way into the realm of live-action. Now, with a gray-haired Keaton prepared to mentor in the Bat cave, the thirst for a Batman Beyond adaptation can (and most likely will) be satisfied. But who will play his protégé? Terry voice actor Will Friedle has said that he’d like a newcomer who’s roughly 17 years of age (Terry’s age) to play the character. However, that’s not really how Hollywood works (even if it should). That said, let’s take a look at some actors who, despite being quite a bit older, could do the role justice.

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How badly do you want to see a weathered Keaton bark orders at these actors? Who would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

Aidan Gallagher

First off, Gallagher is 17 years old. He came to fame in Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy as Number Five, a 58-years-old assassin stuck in a teenager’s body. That said, he’s exhibited the kind of intellect and wit usually associated with heroes much older. The idea of Gallagher playing a big-screen vigilante has become popular as of late. In particular, fans want to see him cast as Dick Grayson AKA Robin in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman trilogy…or Terry McGinnis? He may look a bit young but by the time filming were to start, he probably won’t. He already knows how to play a superhero and can fight like one too.

Logan Lerman

Lerman might be the most utilized and simultaneously underrated actor in Hollywood. Headlining the Percy Jackson films, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and starring alongside Brad Pitt (imagine him as an old Wayne) in Fury, Lerman plays a certain type. This does not mean he doesn’t possess the range to adapt Terry’s signature irreverence—compile that with his signature lost soul shtick and you have a perfect protege. Many online have actually promoted this casting for years and, even at nearly 30-years old, Lerman can still play young(er)—which can be said for everyone on this list.

Tanner Buchanan

22-year-old Buchanan is perhaps best known for playing Johnny Lawrence’s troubled son, Robbie, in Cobra Kai. Like Terry, Robbie has both daddy issues and a less-than-admirable track record with the law. On top of that, his signature scowl is fitting of the cape and cowl. With a karate background the likes of Myagi-Do and Cobra Kai, he’s fully equipped to dish out street justice. Buchanan has even said he’s totally down to play the role—just dye his hair black and he’ll do it justice.

Joe Keery

Steve Harrington’s character arc in Stranger Things is arguably one of the most dynamic (and believable) shifts since Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta. 28-year-old Keery can play conflicted high-school student and a baseball bat-wielding hero/role model. The actor’s star power is perfectly primed for the big screen and while altering his beloved haircut might be an issue for some, seeing Keey’s endearing quirk as Terry and more aggressive angst as Batman would be a welcome addition to the legacy of Batman Beyond.

Tye Sheridan

Rumors have circulated in the past year that Sheridan was on Warner Bros.’ short-list for a live-action Batman Beyond. Known for Ready Player One and as Cyclops in X-Men Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix, 24-year-old Sheridan is already familiar with playing a big-screen superhero. He’s also appropriately young and has become accustomed to playing the unlikely hero.

Nick Robinson

25-year-old Robinson has been around for a long time. However, recently he’s sprung onto the scene in Jurassic WorldEverything, EverythingLove, Simon, and A Teacher. He’s perfected playing the conflicted teenager and brings and an undeniable amount of charisma to every role—he’s extraordinarily likable even when he’s the dick older brother. Having been around since the archaic days of sitcoms like Melissa & Joey, Robinson deserves to play a high-profile character like Terry McGinnis and he’s more than prepared for it.

Dylan O’Brien

29-year-old O’Brien has made a name for himself in films like American Assassin (in which he was trained by Keaton), Deepwater HorizonThe Maze Runner Trilogy, and more recently, Love and Monsters. He also starred as Stiles Stilinksi in MTV’s Teen Wolf series. His experience and range are both undervalued and utilized in Hollywood since his Maze Runner days—which sets him up as the perfect Terry in a Batman Beyond adaptation. Also, he looks the part…but so does everyone else here, especially…

Timothée Chalamet

The front runner (pretty much for everything) is Timothée Chalamet. The 25-year-old can pretty much play anything—from Call Me By Your Name and Beautiful Boy to The King and Little Women. Fans want him to play the Boy Wonder. He very well might. He might also play Terry McGinnis—he definitely looks young enough to play a teenager and is quick-witted enough to do right by Terry’s personality. Seeing the duality of him and Keaton on-screen together feels like a dream come true for Batman Beyond fans.