A Live-Action Geiger Could Create New Myths for Our Struggling Society to Use

By | November 15, 2022

As a comic creator, Geoff Johns likely needs little introduction. The creative writer behind many fascinating and well-regarded books, Johns is the kind of creative mind that the comic world needs to stay modern and active. Recently, he started up a new and exciting universe (the Geigerverse or “Unnamed Universe”) that features the bold and exciting writing fans love from Johns.

What is particularly interesting is the ways that Johns and other comic creators tap into myth-building concepts and even spiritual ideas that may benefit society as a whole. With the possibility of a live-action series surrounding the Geigerverse, it is fascinating to take a look at how Johns’ stories tap into a mythological mindset and why this is beneficial for people in general.

What is the Geigerverse?

The Geigerverse is an extended comic universe created by Johns and Gary Franks. This universe started with the release of Geiger, a fascinating comic that explores a radiation-immune character as he struggles to the irradiated surface for the first time to find other traces of humanity.

The success of this comic has led to spin-off comics, like “Junkyard Joe,” that explore other elements of this world. Its success has already started an interest in a live-action series. We strongly support this choice because the Geigerverse taps into strong mythological impulses that could help us through tough times.

How Comics Build New Myths

Comic book movies and television series (as well as the printed books themselves) are not just a source of entertainment. They are modern myth-building at their finest. What exactly is myth building? Just think of the different ways that humanity uses myths to make sense of the world around them. For example, the ancient Greek and Roman myths helped them explain many facets of their life.

The same is true of all religious concepts and ideas. Religions and myths try to explain and order the world in a way that benefits humanity and makes it a better place. Many of these ancient myths still hold truths that make sense to modern society. However, comic book series uses many of the same tropes to create modern myths that build stronger social and spiritual connections between people.

For example, look at the ways that the Geigerverse explores humanity. It takes place in a mythological post-apocalyptic world after a major nuclear war. Who doesn’t fear this fate, especially with such disturbances as the Russian and Ukraine War? The setting helps create a mythological background that anybody living in today’s modern society can understand.

Johns understands this fact, as seen in this quote about his latest comic in the universe: “Although the first issue of Junkyard Joe is set in the middle of the Vietnam War and depicts graphic violence in the jungles, the majority of the story takes place today. In the present. Ultimately, it’s a hopeful, fun, and action-packed comic book, which I think readers will be surprised by, that builds the next block of the Geigerverse.”

Ways a Live Action Geiger Could Help

The universal appeal of a comic like Geiger could translate very well into a television series. While this could be financially beneficial for Johns and his creative team, it could also benefit society in general. Just look at how the Marvel Cinematic Universe has created new myths and united vast segments of society. Kids who can barely name the first president know Captain America.

The same could be true of a live-action Geiger! Geiger’s focus on a bleak post-apocalyptic world is balanced by its hopefulness. Geiger is exploring the world to rebuild society and find others like him. Finding creatures like Junkyard Joe give him a sense of meaning to life, even after everything is destroyed. So while it may seem disturbing at first, the comic has a positive meaning.

As a result, a Geiger live-action series could help us all build new myths and discover stories that make it easier to cope with bleak reality. Rather than giving into nihilism and falling victim to the void, we can share hope together by watching Geiger achieve greater things. There’s nothing better than a story can do than inspire generations of people to strive to be better than previous generations.