Advance Review: Fine Print TP Vol #1

By | September 23, 2021

When it comes to sexy story time, there is probably no better creator around than Stjepan Sejic.  This October sees Sejic take a break from Lisa, Ali and the rest of the bondage crowd.  In their place is an interesting look into which is better; love or lust?

Now the sensible among us may believe that love and lust best live together in parity; if either gets the upper hand, then relationships tend to get a little off kilter.  With ancient gods wielding both whilst also demonstrating the human like errors in judgement, a contract with a human is required.  Up steps Laurie Thomas, a woman who at one stage walked the tightrope between love and lust only to fall in to the trap of her personal desires.  Now, broken hearted, Laurie has a choice to make.  But will the woman with a history of making the wrong choice finally make the right one?

For those that are aware of Sunstone, you may have an idea what to expect from Stjepan Sejic’s writing.  Fun characters that are a little too smart mouthed for their own good, a heroine who lacks confidence and a know it all in glasses.  But from there, things change.  Sejic has cast a book featuring gods, demons, humans and orgasms.  With Sunstone the story was about love; this time around its’ about what happens  when love has or at least the one true  love has left the building.  There are a lot of characters and therefore a lot going on.  This book is not a quick read in any shape way or form.  With such a huge cast, along with the demon / angel angles, I did find that there were times that I wished the story would get back to the characters I enjoyed rather than the full ensemble.  Maybe I just prefer a more intimate story.,  Sejic though has attempted to layer on aspects which should serve to explain actions and reactions down the line.

Stjepan Sejic’s art may be the main draw for this book.  Here Sejic has taken the more extreme elements of Sunstones wardrobe, and by utilising true fantasy, as opposed to sexual fantasy, elements takes the art up several notches.  True, all the guys look hot and all the girls are gorgeous; every gender both binary and non binary, along with various sexualities are all on exquisite dispaly.  Sejic’s art whilst obviously sexy, has lots of fun elements that are a treat on the eyes.  All of the tropes you would expect, thigh high boots, chains and lingerie are all in here along with different takes to keep things fresh.  The colors are equally gorgeous; the alternative angel/demon lives has given Sejic free reign to blow your socks off; which he does on every panel, on every page!

The more obvious differences between Sunstone and Fine Print are certainly eye-catching.  For me, however,  that is very attractive window dressing for a book that examines  the best laid (no pun intended), plans torn asunder by the wrong choice and doubling down further to sate insecurities and loss.

Writing – 5 Stars
Art – 5 Stars
Colors – 5 Stars

Overall – 5 Stars

Written by; Stjepan Sejic
Art & Colors by; Stjepan Sejic
Published by; Image Comics / Top Cow Studios

Fine Print is scheduled to ship Oct 2021