Bumpas Dolls Give Hugs for Valentine’s Day. Co-Founder of ‘Uglydolls’ Debuts Weighted Plush Dolls

By | January 12, 2023
This Valentine’s Day, gift love with Bumpas™ plush dolls that hug you and are weighted for soft, cozy comfort. The dolls with their weighted arms, have hands shaped in half hearts that join to create a full heart, a perfect representation of love on Valentine’s Day. 
“Hugging is loving,” says Bumpas’ creator, Drew Matilsky, co-founder of the brand Uglydolls. “Giving and getting hugs is a sign of trust and love. I created Bumpas mybumpas.com to give people of all ages a product that can love, hug, and protect them.”
Features include a deep, plush exterior for a soft, cozy, sensory feel. The arms are long, and weighted giving hands-free hugs, emotional support, and an all-important sense of love and security. With almost three pounds of weighted arms and legs, they give simulated hugs and piggyback rides while hugging and holding onto you. They also have oval, wide open “eyes” on the back of their head to make sure that when you’re holding them, they are keeping you protected and safe while watching your back. The opposite side features closed eyes expressing that moment when we give and get hugs. “Hugging creates a connection often giving the feeling of love and support,” says Matilsky.
The four Bumpas characters have their own color, personality and backstory told from the doll’s point of view. There is creative and quirky Shin Shin, daring and adventurous Zeek, gentle and soulful Oz, and cheery and encouraging Lucky. Bumpas are for everyone, especially those who crave a special warm embrace, emotional support, and sensory calming this holiday. Whether you have a special someone, or just want to give that feeling to yourself, Bumpas dolls are available at FAOSchwartz.comLearningExpress.com Amazon.com,  Macys.comWalmart.com, and many independent toy stores.
Matilsky says “Love is something we all crave. I created the dolls specifically to address the feeling that we all have when someone looks out for us, puts their arms around us, and tells us everything will be fine.  Bumpas dolls express love and are always there for you. Let’s share the Bumpas love with the phrase my heart is yours #myheartisyours.”
“Similar to Uglydolls, we are expanding products for the Bumpas family,” says Matilsky. Celebrities and their kids currently being loved, hugged, and protected by Bumpas hugs are Eva LongoriaAngela BassettMario & Courtney LopezMindy KalingAmber Stevens West, and Rebel Wilson and her partner, Romona Agruma who recently welcomed their first child.
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