Diamond Select Toys AEW Holiday Bash 2021 CM Punk & Sting Vinimate Two-Pack Review

By | September 16, 2022

Today in the Toyverse, we travel down a photo review of some Vinimates. Long time followers will know that I absolutely love Vinimates, and when it was announced more Vinimates would be popping up, I was on board. When it was announced it would All Elite Wrestling Vinimates, well I was happy. I was happy to see more wrestling merchandise reach fans, and happy to see Diamond Select would be leading the charge. A special thank to DST for sending this over.

This two pack of Vinimates is from the AEW Holiday Bash 2021 show, and features CM Punk and Sting, with a twist. On that show, Sting came out with CM Punk inspired face paint, and CM Punk came out in retro Sting face paint and attire. Diamond Select has captured the look of that event in great Vinimate fashion. The detail on the face paint is amazing, and the design of both characters work well. I look forward to seeing more of AEW Vinimates from DST. This set sold out at SDCC 2022, but be on the look out for more Vinmates coming soon.

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