Diamond Select Toys G.I. JOE Series One Minimates Box Set Figure Review

By | December 7, 2022

Today in the Toyverse, we travel down the world of minimates courtesy of Diamond Select Toys, and examine the series one box set of G.I. Joes. This box set has a pretty cool design. Incased in an outer package you have a foot locker, and inside you have four retro style blister cards of Duke, Snake Eyes, Roadblock, and Scarlett. Take a look below at the packing.

I am for the most part a loose collector, but the packaging done by Diamond here is amazing. It gave me great pain to open them up, but I had to, so let’s dive in and see what is in store with these minimates.

Snake Eyes:

Snake Eyes translates great into minimate form. He looks like his cover art and has a cool vibe to him. The articulation is on point, and the inclusion of the pistol, knife, and sword works great. An overall wonderful piece.


Roadblock looks like a badass character, and in minimate form, he still looks like a badass. He has a serious look to him, and the outfit is spot on. The inclusion of the big military gun and pistol give you options. A nice welcomed addition to the minimate G.I. Joe team.


Scarlett shows up in minimate form ready for her counter  intelligence mission. She looks cool in minimate form. The colors pop on her, and she breaks up the dude squad with class and style. She has her crossbow and gun, and is ready to take down the evil Cobra!


Let’s take a moment to enjoy the first segeant that we have come to know and love as Duke. He looks really cool. He might be the one out of this wave that really conjures up G.I. Joe vibes the most. Pack in are multiple guns and the leadership quality of a saint. A cool looking minimate that poses great.

Overall, I think minimate fans are going to be chomping at the bit for these. They add to the ever growing minimate journey, and they are G.I. Joe. How can you not dig that? These can be picked up at various online retailers and local comic book shops. A special thank you to Diamond Select for sending these over.

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