Eerie Bloody Trading Cards

By | September 1, 2022

Beginning with WEIRD in 1966, Myron Fass’ Eerie Publications assaulted newsstand browsers with the most graphically violent and gore drenched cover art imaginable. Unlike the more artful Warren magazines, Eerie Publications were visceral and grabbed viewers by the eyeballs & throat, daring them to buy the magazines. Many comic fans remember these covers vividly, even if they never purchased one of the magazines. Fass went on to publish 11 different titles, many times reprinted an earlier magazine and cannibalized the old cover art. The company lasted 15 years.

Mike Howlett, the preeminent historian for Eerie Publications comic magazines, has assembled 55 of the most important, gratuitously bloody, vile, and downright dangerous covers as a full color trading card set. The cover of an issue appears on the front of each card and the reverse has new notes on that issue by Mike Howlett. Stores and distributors can place their orders until September 30, at which time the print run will be finalized. FantaCo will ship the cards at the end of December.