Epic Adventure, Classic Comics Storytelling Await in MAGNI THE MIGHTY

By | September 29, 2022

Ragnarök has fallen, can Magni and Modi rebuild the Nine Realms?

Band of Bards is proud to announce the launch of MAGNI THE MIGHTY on Kickstarter. BoB’s final Kickstarter of 2022 comes with the might of Mjolnïr, swung by the magnanimous team of Devin Arscott (Writer), David Monge Bautista (Line Art & Letters), Ibrahim Aydin (Colors), and LetterSquids (Interior Design, Cover Logo). This comic will be a hit for anyone who enjoys Neil Gaiman’s Norse MythologyThor, He-Man, or Lord of the Rings.

Ragnarök has passed. Magni and Modi, the sons of Thor, survived but are now left to rebuild the Nine Realms. As they quest to find Mjolnïr and discover their roles in this new cosmos, Magni and Modi will do battle with familiar foes like Loki as well as new enemies of Asgard.

The first arc of this epic on-going series begins with Issue #0 (Prologue) and spans through Issue #4. With multiple side quest one-shots mixed into the series structure this will be an easy series for fans to join at any time. No need to wait on Ratatoskr to carry word to your branch of Yggdrasil!

Presented in an oversized comic containing Issues #0 and #1, Band of Bards aims to conjure up a classic that will be sung over and over in Valhalla. You don’t need the eyesight of Heimdall to see the excitement and adventure that awaits in these pages!

“Magni the Mighty is a Norse mythology comic unlike any other. A story crafted straight from the heart, unrestricted and full of action, adventure and equal parts fantasy that I hope all will come to enjoy. I have had a great time creating this project.” – Devin Arscott, Writer & Creator of Magni the Mighty

“Magni the Mighty is a comic that we just love. It hits on all the right notes of classic comic storytelling. Magni blends gorgeous comic art with true Norse mythology, bringing some of the lesser known characters from the fringe to center stage. We’re proud to say Magni the Mighty was a Day 1 “Project We Love” and is part of Kickstarter’s Witchstarter promotion! Shout out to Oriana Leckert for being a stalwart supporter of indie comics.” – Tim Stolinski, BoB Co-Founder

The MAGNI THE MIGHTY Kickstarter Campaign concludes October 31st, so don’t wait for the End of Days to come (again).