From Dennis Hopeless and Pitor Kowalski…THE KARMAN LINE!

By | September 13, 2022

Announcing The Karman Line, the first release from Mad Cave Studios’s original graphic novels, written by Dennis Hopeless (Spider-Man, X-O Manowar) with art by Piotr Kowalski (Robocop, Gail), colors by Brad Simpson, and letters by Chas! Pangburn!

It’s all sex, lies and betrayal on a reality show streaming from space until the crew receives a message reading “ABORT MISSION AND GET HOME NOW”. Things unravel quickly as they find the shuttle damaged and a crew member dead. They’ll have to fight to survive and hopefully escape… While cameras record everything.

Writer Dennis Hopeless spoke of the project:

“There’s a reason astronaut horror is so effective. You’re trapped in a tin can with the little bit of oxygen you brought with you, trusting your life to a few coworkers and their gadgets… In an endless vacuum of death. Space is objectively terrifying. Maybe that’s why astronauts used to be so famous. Bubble-helmeted action heroes flying the hopes and dreams of humanity into the heavens. Back when you could be famous and also private. When celebrity wasn’t so invasive.

—In The Karman Line our astronauts are modern-famous—24/7-always-on-cameras-in-your-face-paparazzi-famous. Their mission is real, and just might save the human race, but only if they can keep us entertained. It’s a story about who we really are versus what we let people see and what happens when our carefully-crafted personas break down… With the whole world watching.

—I’m honored to be telling this story with Piotr Kowalski. His stark linework and devastatingly human characters perfectly echo the silent terror of space.”

Following The Karman LineMad Cave Studios will be releasing 5 other Original Graphic Novels in 2023 with creators Dan Panosian, Liana Kangas, Amit Tishler, Ennun Ana Iurov, among others. Each book will transport readers into worlds full of the extraordinary, the epic, and the MAD, where characters face insurmountable odds and fantastical adventures.

Edited by Joe CoralloThe Karman Line is slated for release March 2023 and is now available for pre-order from Mad Cave Studios.