By | March 22, 2023

Gold Key Entertainment, LLC, in partnership with the Boris Karloff Estate, announces its first title – “Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries.” Kickstarter campaign to launch MARCH 28, 2023

Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries is coming!  The new series blends the feel of the classic horror anthology with a modern, ongoing narrative in a way that is sure to excite fans new and old.  To reward early supporters, Gold Key has created a unique, early special edition of issue one available through Kickstarter. This crowdfunding campaign is scheduled for pre-launch on March 16, 2023 and will go live on March 28, 2023. The special edition offers a one of a kind reading experience peeling back the layers of the creative process to give readers a behind the scenes look into the creative process.  This high-quality printing will be akin to that of an artist’s edition. With a hardcover printed exclusively for backers of the Kickstarter campaign, the special edition is sure to be highly desired among fans and collectors.

Wrapped inside a beautiful cover by Johnny Dombrowski, issue one of Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries contains three original stories from talented creators including Michael W Conrad, Steve Orlando, Artyom Trakanov, Kelly Williams, Jok, Craig Hurd-Mckenny, Sergey Nazarov, and Kyle Arends.  Each issue of this ongoing series will contain complete stories and a continuing narrative, ensuring a satisfying reading experience while building the foundations of a multi-issue storyline to be carried forth in subsequent issues. 

Joining Gold Key Comics in its return as a reenergized, updated publisher, is an old friend and one of the biggest names in horror, Boris Karloff. Gold Key Comics originally published nearly 100 issues of the series, Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery, between 1964-1980. This Spring, these two icons return to comics.  We invite all fans of Gold Key Comics and Boris Karloff to participate in the inaugural publication by supporting the Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries Kickstarter on March 28. Do not miss out on the exclusive special edition of the very first issue to be published by the new Gold Key Entertainment.

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