Hard-Hitting Antiheroes Join The Brooding Muse

By | December 6, 2022

Cherry Bomb Comics LLC announces a new wave of antiheroes in the pages of The Brooding Muse. We all love a good anti-hero story. You know the type: the protagonist is a little bit bad, a little bit good , and we can’t help but root for them as they make their way through the story.

There’s something about their morally ambiguous nature that just makes them so darn compelling . And let’s be honest, we all have a little bit of an anti-hero (or heroine ) in us, don’t we? We’re not all purely good or purely evil, and that’s what makes us interesting. Cherry Bomb LLC brings this all together with a new sub-team  called  The Country Club debuting in The Brooding Muse Magazine #3

We’re not all purely good or purely evil, and that’s what makes us interesting. And while we can’t go out and incite violence in the name of justice, we can live vicariously through a grit-filled team fighting in a world where no one is safe.

When it comes to the art style of a graphic novel, the art style is everything. Ask any artist or graphic novel enthusiast, and they’ll tell you that the art style is the most important part of the graphic novel (next to quality writing, of course).

It’s what transports you into the world of the graphic novel to put you into the heat of the action as it accentuates a character’s emotion, brings life to the action, and immerses readers.

The Brooding Muse ties all of this together to provide a visual reading experience that pays homage to old-school, much-loved anthologies such as Warren Publishing’s Vampire Tales or Eerie.


Characters Inspired By Retro Action Figures Come To Life

Some folks have a Hulk, hey great for them! – We have a towering maniac with four arms and an armored machine gun bearing chesty rat. – yay excellent!” Max Bentzel

 Splitter, a half-robot/android bounty hunter with a penchant for cowboys hats and 1800’s old west pistols, but only on his robot side. His cold-blooded robot side.

Ratter, a rat with mood swings and the capacity to unleash thousands of rounds of calculated ammo on the fly. An unpredictable rat with not one gun but several, coming off his chest ? We reckon it’s time to read more to learn about how these characters and others fit into the twisted narrative of the Brooding Muse.

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