How One Writer’s High-Risk Quarantine Inspired a Golden-Age Kickstarter

By | November 20, 2020

Right at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, writer Scott Alan Gregory was diagnosed with a fungal lung infection, putting him at high risk for pneumonia and other respiratory complications. His wife, a nurse at the state prison, led Scott into an isolation lockdown in their guest room, sequestered off to one side of their home. For weeks he fought back anxiety and depression, until an idea inspired him to get out of bed and start writing. Strange Burden: True Stories From the Archives of Burden Strange, with art by Thiago Motta and lettering by Micah Myers, is the R-rated sit-comic that readers have been waiting for!

A maniac is on the loose, and seemingly random people are waking up to find their feet have been surgically amputated. Some victims have even died from the shock. The Perfect Town Police have no suspects, no leads, and no theories.

Meanwhile, after 20 years in retirement, the once-mighty Burden Strange has returned to the adventurer-for-hire business, and it’s already more trouble than it’s worth. Along with two reluctant former team members and a handful of snarky new recruits, Burden struggles to find his place in a modern world that has moved on without him.

As the past catches up to them, and “The Case of the Mangled Ankles” becomes personal, can this new team get past their constant in-fighting, back-biting, and petty one-upping, and pull together long enough to show the citizens of Perfect Town there’s still some fight left in these old dogs? Or will they implode under the strain of their own neurotic dysfunction before even solving their first case?

Strange Burden: True Stories From the Archives of Burden Strange is cast entirely with Golden Age characters sourced from the Public Domain and is set in a rampantly anachronistic reality where ‘50s diners, ‘30s automobiles, ‘80s gadgetry, and ‘40s fashions collide. For an added kick, every issue in the series will be co-released with a supplemental one-shot spinoff focusing on a single member of the team in their own adventure, beginning with the wild 60-page graphic novel “Mr. Satan Goes to Hollywood”.

Backing incentives not only include comics, postcards, trading cards, posters, and stickers, but also the coolest of the cool include hand-painted art cards, your likeness drawn into the comic, a 5-page comic story starring YOU and your favorite team member—and even a customized Burden Strange action figure!