McFarlane Toys Winter Showcase Reveals Best-Sellers for 2023!

By | March 8, 2023

McFarlane Toys conducted their annual Winter Showcase event last week, revealing NEW and exciting products from McFarlane Toys in 2023.

The Winter Showcase spanned from February 28th – March 2nd with bonus day reveals on March 3rd.

The brands featured each day included figures from Demon Slayer on day one. Followed by the RETURN of Movie Maniacs on day two, and NEW Spawn wave 5 reveals on day three. Bonus day reveals featured highly anticipated figures fro the DC Multiverse line.

Reveals from the event were met with high fan praise, with multiple figures featured on BEST SELLER lists across various retailers. 

Todd McFarlane on another successful Winter Showcase:

“All our latest releases have sold out in what can be a slow retailer part of the year. And last week McFarlane Toys had 4 of the Top 5 selling figures in our industry on Amazon. com as we continue to defy the odds of competing, and at times, beating the giant public toy companies we compete with. Our fans have always recognized high quality at a modest price.”

McFarlane Toys continues to defy the odds of the industry, bringing high quality products to the market and successfully competing against giants like Hasbro and Mattel.

With the 2021 Top-Selling Action Figure Award in the US and Canada, and a Toy of the Year nomination in 2022, this year’s Winter Showcase shows that McFarlane Toys is far from slowing down in 2023!

Stay tuned this summer for the McFarlane Toys Summer Showcase! You won’t want to miss it!