Mirka Andolfo’s SWEET PAPRIKA Official Statue Kickstarter Funded in 12 Minutes

By | December 3, 2020

720 Seconds
12 Minutes
1/5th of an Hour

After launching on Kickstarter yesterday, Mirka Andolfo’s statue celebrating her upcoming comic and animated series””SWEET PAPRIKA””has been funded in 12 minutes.

”“I am overwhelmed from the love people are showing my work and for Paprika. I can’t wait to hold the statue in my hands and start sharing it with all of you!” Andolfo said. “Some more news on Paprika will come soon, but for now I“m just trying to enjoy the success of my first crowdfunding campaign!”“

Standing seven inches tall and as sensual and defiant as her two-dimensional inspiration, the SWEET PAPRIKA statue was 3-D sculpted by Andrew Hickinbottom (Hasbro, Nexus Studios, Microsoft, EA, Coca Cola), produced by Arancia Studio, and manufactured by Infinite Statue. Other rewards in the Kickstarter include a SWEET PAPRIKA art book, pin set, and tote bag.

“The devilish Paprika and her goofy angel boyfriend, Dill, have occupied my heart for years””first as sketches I posted online, but they demanded more. Now Paprika will step into three dimensions in this gorgeous statue before leaping into her comic series this July””and into even more (unannounced) projects in the future. Andrew Hickinbottom did a wonderful job.”

Announced last July, SWEET PAPRIKA is an original idea from Andolfo that revolves around the erotic misadventures of a career-driven woman””Paprika””who reluctantly engages a charming, immature delivery boy named Dill. Consumed by her job as a creative director at a major New York City publisher, Paprika learns to balance her own needs as she embarks on this passionate romance with Dill. In October, Andolfo announced that she will write and draw a SWEET PAPRIKA comic book series, published by Image Comics beginning in July 2021, with Edizioni Star Comics releasing in Italy and Éditions Glénat in France.

A SWEET PAPRIKA animated series directed by Gabriele Pennacchioli (Supervising Director on the Emmy Award-Wining Love Death + Robots), executive produced by Erik Barmack, and produced by Grey Ladder Productions and Arancia Studio is currently in preproduction.

Visit the Kickstarter for Mirka Andolfo’s Sweet Paprika: the Official Statue.

For more on SWEET PAPRIKA visit www.mirkaandolfo.com