Move over Moebius… ODDS & ENDS Vol. 1 & 2 Now Live on Zoop!

By | January 17, 2023

Move over Moebius! Compiled from over a decade of experimental science fiction comics, film & TV pitch comics, and unseen personal works, Odds & Ends, Vol. 1 & 2 from Kraig Rasmussen and Monkeygong, is now live on Zoop!

Designed and edited as a record of artistic growth, Odds & Ends is newly remastered works with fresh inks, new colors and even redrawn pages, meant to unify past and present work for a robust and visually explosive short story reading experience—equal parts retrospective and all new art experience.

Odds & Ends includes 20 deftly crafted sci-fi stories featuring original works written by Kraig Rasmussen (Sojourners,Technopolis), director and producer Scott Rickels (The Clean-up Crew), Jason McNamara (Ghost Band, Nocturnal Commissions), and Jeff Chon (Hashtag Good Guy with a Gun), and two adaptations with a twist, including Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and Siddartha by Herman Hesse; all with art by Kraig Rasmussen.

“As a creator, I’m very excited about the Odds & Ends collection, because it is a quintessential road map to how I got where I am creatively, and a strong representation of where I’d like to go from here,” said Kraig Rasmussen. “By taking the time to flesh out and polish every concept, I’m honoring that path, and finally conveying the true depth of my ideas and intentions. These books are a great jumping off point for my upcoming slate, all arriving under my label Monkeygong, where the library of my work already feels more rich, diverse, and complete, but, on top of it all, as was my original intention, I’m very proud to be making two big, beautiful books of comics!”

An early member of the San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy, Kraig Rasmussen is also a regular contributor to the annual Cartoon Art Museum sketch-a-thon.

The campaign for Odds & Ends, ends Feb. 23.