By | December 16, 2022

Celebrated multiple Eisner and Ringo Award-winning independent publisher, Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group, is set for the US release of the acclaimed graphic novel from Norwegian author and illustrator Dina Norlund (Sprout, Greylegs), The Snowcat Prince, on March 7, 2023. The Snowcat Prince is a beautifully illustrated tale of bravery and honor featuring the magical adventures of feline prince Syv as he faces dangerous beasts, dark powers, and the ever-lurking sandfoxes—sworn enemies to the snowcats. For more information, visit Oni Press.

The Snowcat Prince is the tale of Syv, a snowcat and the youngest in a family of princes. When his father dies, Syv and his brothers are all in line for the throne. Eager to become kings themselves and wary of how well-liked Syv has become by the citizens, Syv’s brothers send him on a dangerous quest to find the long-lost magical crown that once belonged to their royal ancestor, the Eldking. Legend says that the snowcat who finds the crown will break the curse on their land and bring great honor to the family. But failure could mark Syv with three black stripes, resulting in his being banished forever.

The Snowcat Prince will be available in paperback via Simon & Schuster (ISBN: 978-1-63715-198-3) and at both digital and physical retailers everywhere on March 7, 2023.

About the Creator

Dina Norlund is an artist who likes to dabble in all things creative. Everything from painting, storytelling, sculptures, crafting, or designing, she has probably tried it all at one point. Surprisingly, she has managed to focus on one thing for long enough to write, illustrate, and finish a comic project or two. Growing up in the lush forests of Norway, she takes a lot of inspiration from the culture and folklore when writing and illustrating her stories. Currently, she spends her days in a small house with a garden, husband, and cat, while doodling her next magical adventure.