By | November 19, 2022

Such a big few weeks for Mad Cave Studios with the announcements including the upcoming title from Mark LondonHunt. Kill. the dystopian creator-owned release Don’t Spit In The Wind! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, fans can pick up the final issue of the first arc of The Tiger’s Tongue #5!

The Trials have finished, and a new monarch reigns over The Claw, ushering in a new era that both The Tiger’s People and The River’s People find uneasy. As tensions rise, Kelindi and Aridani barrel towards the ancient prophecy’s shocking conclusion, one that will change The Claw forever.

(W) Olivia Stephens (A) Diansakhu Banton-Perry
(C) Bex Glendining (L) Joamette Gil

The Tiger’s Tongue #5 hits shops Wednesday, Nov. 23rd!