Review: Crashing #2

By | October 19, 2022

The pressures of life are many; be they work, home, love, being a Dolphins fan or even writing reviews, everyone has a lot of stuff going on, vying for attention and focus.  How do we cope; this question is the building block upon which this series from IDW Publishing.

Rose has a stressful life.  She is a surgeon, not the easiest of jobs as anyone who watches Greys Anatomy can attest, her husband is a politician looking to get a powered human registration act passed into law, and did I mention she is recovering addict.  When a powered human battle sees both the good and bad guy admitted into her hospital.  Thing is, nobody wants the danger of treating powered humans; but how do that stand with Rose and  her oath “to do no harm”?

Matthew Klein and, by virtue, Rose have a lot of plates to juggle.  At first glance I wasn’t sure what this book was about.  Is it a story about addiction?  Is it about politics? Is it about the struggles of life and doing the right thing regardless of what everybody else thinks or says?  The truth of the matter is that Klein is looking at it ALL!  This could be a good thing, though with too many subplots, may spoil the story.  Rose at the hospital works well, with the idea that what her patients do outside the hospital shouldn’t impact the care they receive inside it.  The 37 hour days take their toll and she reaches for a pill.  Klein understands that for an addict, there is not “just one pill”.  The subplot with her husband does add a level of outside pressure.  His success begins to have an impact on Rose’s skewed world view.  Klein’s writing is terse, weaves the web of Rose’s decline through various lenses.  Are there too many strands?  With the lead that things could get worse for Rose intimates that there are more plates in store.

Is heavy inked cartoon style art a new trend?  This is the second book from IDW that favours this style thatI have seen this week.  This time around its Morgan Beem who supplies the heavy hand.  Beem’s figures are a little inconsistent with the idea of looking kinda like the same, giving the impression of the character rather than their actuality.  This actually fits the story well, with the story becoming the focus.  If Beem’s art was a tad more consistent, then Rose’s descent may have a greater impact.  The colors from Triona Farrell have a dark look in places, though washed out effects also work later in the book.  Being one of the few letterers to get a cover credit (well done IDW) Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou font has that handwritten Batman Year One style.

With so much going on, there will be a story element that you may enjoy more than others.  if thats the case, are the remaining elements enough to help you through the book?  The flip is that by losing her sobriety, the various elements will have an impact on Rose, with her reactions and actions possibly crashing further.

Writing – 4 Stars
Art – 3.5 Stars
Colors – 3.5 Stars

Overall – 3.5 Stars

Written by; Matthew Klein
Art by; Morgan Breem
Colors by; Triona Farrell
Letters by; Hassan Otsmane-Elaou
Published by; IDW Publishing