Review: Follow Me Down – A Reckless Book

By | October 12, 2022

One of the best thing about writing for CC is that I get to see a range of books from a range of creators;  it is true that the comic book industry is not just DC and Marvel!  Now, I am not one of those people who says that everything from the Big Two is good and neither am I going to say that everything indie is also great.  However, when it comes to the team of Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips and Jacob Phillips, the latter is very very true.

The fifth volume in the Reckless series sees titular kind of hero Ethan Reckless taking on the sort of case that will get under his skin, and  possibly lead him to a places he won’t expect.  That’s right, he is heading to “Feelings Town”, population, Ethan!  When a favour is asked, Ethan does what he does best, walking that fine line between the law and what is right with the second part of that equation more personal than societal.

Five books in and if you have read any of the previous books then you know what to expect from Ed Brubaker’s writing, at least with this character.  You can’t help but like Ethan with his simple hand to mouth existence.  It is when that life is challenged by both third parties and his own sense of how things should be, that things get a lot more complicated.  Plot wise Brubaker excels at dropping crumbs that keeps the reader on their toes, though the true strength in Reckless run is the creation of flawed and damaged characters.  Expectations for Ethan and his cast, with happiness ever after being teased, are generated in key elements of character interactions in a number of ways.  Brubaker flexes his master storytelling muscles, still delivering a punchy story, which after a number of books and challenges for Ethan, still remains fresh and exciting.

As good as Brubaker’s story is, the show not tell art of Sean Phillips is equally stunning, with Phillips maintaining his realistic approach.  There can be some facial inconsistencies, but I am ok with that as the tone of the art suffuses the page with emotions across the spectrum.  As Phillips is a resident of the Lake District in the UK, I am intrigued as to the length of research he must have done to create readily recognised backgrounds, Hispanic styled buildings for example. The story has its seedy elements, not a surprise to long tome readers, Phillips art matches that vibe perfectly.  When coupled with the dark colors scheme from Jacob Phillips, the whole book becomes an immersive experience.  No letterer is credited; the handwritten style of the inner monologue is consistent with previous books and serves as a contrast to the actual dialogue.

Another fantastic chapter(s) of the life of Ethan Reckless, provided by a trio of creators who are clearly enjoying their time together, evident from how each aspect interacts and adds to the others creating the  highest quality of story telling.

Writing- 5 Stars

Art – 5 Stars

Colors – 5 Stars

Overall – 5 Stars

Written by; Ed Brubaker
Art by; Sean Phillips
Colors by; Jacob Phillips
Published by; Image Comics