Review: Immortal Red Sonja #7

By | October 19, 2022

It’s been a while since I stated off the this series with a review; I blame the sheer amount of books that I look at.  This then seems like a good time to check-in with the She_Devil with a sword and her unwanted travelling companion.

If you remember, Sonja has put in a cursed or haunted chainmail armour.  Now this oddest of odd couples are on a quest to free the armour from its course, thus freeing Sonja from its steely embrace.  This issues sees Sonja a step closer to her goal as she is caught in the Feasting Castle with not one, but three Merlins with very particular needs of their own.

I loved Dan Abnett on Titans and have enjoyed, at times, his foray into the realm of indie books.  This book is quite a distance from his usual straight up superhero derring-do.  Instead, Abnett carves a tale in which the voice of the armour is its own character, foistering a strange relationship with the swing first ask questions later Sonja.  Throw in a comedy trio and you have a book that whilst not short of action, also carries is humour on its chainmail sleeve.  This book is seven issues deep, yet the humour remains pretty much the same as issue one; I would have thought this had deepened somewhat, given the litany of dangers that Sonja has faced for the armour; this though is just an idea, based on opinion as I haven’t read the previous books.

The comedy elements are front and centre in the art from Luca Colandrea who eschews Sonja’s more curvy, some would say sexy, poses and body frame, which suits the armour of “not” her choice.  Facial elements also get and kind of extended cartoony style, with bodies fitting smaller panels also giving the impression of a Saturday kids cartoon.  Part of Sonja’s charm is that she be anything from serious straight up sword and sorcery to this more fun aspect.  Ellie Wrights colors are bright and colourful, moving away from dark and dingy dungeons, at least in vibe if not setting.  Jeff Wright’ produces an easy going font, with a great contrast for the armour’s voice, which hints at more than just differentiation.  With this being a Dynamite book there are a few covers to choose from; as always Joseph Michael Linsner (see banner), wins it for me!

Despite the fun and the possibly over long setup for a killer punchline, some could say that this book has a more subversive message;  armour covering Sonja equals bad, so therefore keep her in her classic chainmail bikini.  That’s a debate for anyone else, as for me, I will take this book as a fun diversion from the more standard approach to Sonja.

Writing – 4 Stars
Art – 3 Stars
Colors – 4 Stars

Overall – 3.5 Stars

Written by; Dan Abnett
Art by; Luca Colandrea
Colors by; Ellie Wright
Letters by; Jeff Wright
Published by; Dynamite Entertainment