Review: Know Your Station #2 (of 5)

By | January 11, 2023

If comics are a drug, I am completely addicted.  Why else would I look to write reviews, and host podcasts?  Addictions can affect your life, both personally and professional.  I mean which comic book fan doesn’t know the “pleasure” of boring the pants off their respective partners, or had the Avengers theme as their ringtone?

Know Your Station takes this idea, adds a sci-fi twist, throws in some hallucinations and a snarky computer two shades more sarcastic than the original KITT!  Elsie has started her detox from blue.  Thing is, the withdrawals get worse in waves and with each one Elsie’s grip on reality changes, and is St. Brigid really helping?  Two issues in and all hell is still breaking out or maybe it is just in Elsie’s head!

Sarah Gailey first crossed my review pile thanks to her Vampire Slayer book which features a freaky Friday kind of twist.  Here, the book is kind of straight up.  There is someone who has been using a drug called blue, there is a murderer and a couple of bodies to deal with though one of which may have disappeared.  Gailey keeps things moving along at a fair clip.  If there is any slowing down, Gailey utilises the AI for movement of story, acting as an angle or devil on Elsie’s shoulder  as well as straight up humour.  The dialogue works well; there are equal amount of paranoia with true emotions on show.  Gailey looks to up the drama in Elsie’s life throughout the book.

The art is provided by Liana Kangas in a style that tries to be futuristic, whilst also focusing on the drug and withdrawal effects.  The facial movements are fantastically done, carrying their weight of the various conversations.  Body shapes can be a little nondescript, though in this instance, with this type of story, this is not to impactful.  The lack of backgrounds in some panels is a bit of a bug-bear for me, but being on a space ship probably accounts for that artistic choice.  The colors from Rebecca Nalty are a muted affair akin to the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Things can get a little psychedelic in places, which adds to Elsie’s discomfort and dis-orientation.  Cardinal Rae’s letter’s work well, especially when it comes to the AI voice.  Pity her work doesn’t warrant a cover credit!

This second issue continues its setup phase, with the climax looking to move things forward.  How can things get worse Elsie?  Guess we will find out.

Writing – 4 Stars

Art -4 Stars

Colors – 4 Stars

Overall – 4 Stars

Created & Written by; Sarah Gailey
Created & Art by; Lana Kangas
Colors by;Rebecca Nalty
Letters by; Cardinal Rae
Published by; BOOM! Studios