Snoop Dogg collaborates with Destructo on “You Only Die Once”

By | April 22, 2023
“What a dream come true to finally have a G-house record with the one and only Snoop Dogg – I’ve been a fan since “Deep Cover,” his debut collaboration with Dr. Dre in 1992.” – Destructo

Few artists gain notoriety in multiple different genres and music industry arenas – and that’s why there’s no one quite like DJ/producer Destructo.

The LA-based artist (né Gary Richards) made a name for himself in the 90s for his hard-techno sets. He then continued his claim to fame in the 2000s by founding influential dance music festival brand HARD, using his boundary-pushing curatorial talents to help push dance music events into the mainstream.

Now, he currently heads up his own production company All My Friends (which throws celebrated events including the sailing music festival Friendship), and continues to pioneer a new, genre-blending sonic movement – which has seen him fuse electro-house and hip-hop with prominent rappers such as YG, Ty Dolla $ignE-40iLoveMakonnenKevin GatesDenzel Curry, and more.

Destructo adds to his already indomitable legacy with new single “You Only Die Once,” featuring LA rap icon, Snoop Dogg. The histories of Destructo and Snoop Dogg have already been intertwined, with the rapper performing his debut album Doggystyle in full at HARD Summer 2017. And now, after years of trying to work together, the two artists have finally linked up for their first ever music collaboration.

A spiritual successor to “Y.O.D.O” (a 2018 collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Chris Lake), “You Only Die Once” fuses its bass-heavy house beat with smooth, buttery flows from Snoop Dogg – a combination that results in an unprecedented matchup between two music titans.

You Only Die Once” kicks off with propulsive drum rhythms, deep bass, and harrowing keyboard melodies. Snoop Dogg then enters the mix with a blazing, indelible verse. “One day it’ll end/but until then/I’m balling,” Snoop spits, complementing the hedonistic instrumental with his classic laissez-faire delivery.

The track then drops into bruising bass-synth tones, slowly incorporating industrial sound design and sizzling house high-hats that revolve around Snoop Dogg’s central title refrain, “You only die once, Y.O.D.O.

You Only Die Once” represents the apotheosis of dance-infused hip-hop, cementing Destructo as the premier go-to producer for such a genre hybrid. As a musician with an unparalleled intuition and ear – and as someone who cares about sonic integrity above all else – Destructo is the perfect foil for Snoop Dogg’s laid-back, vibes-centric creative approach.

You Only Die Once” follows the release of Destructo’s February EP, Future Funk – a four track, 80s-nightclub inspired project featuring dance icons such as TroyBoi and Chromeo.

The track also comes off the heels of Destructo performances in cities such as Sacramento, Denver, and Boston, and releases ahead of headlining shows at Sound Bar in Chicago, IL and Temple in San Francisco, CA. He’ll also play festivals this summer such as Shambhala Music Festival. 

Destructo tour dates

4/21/23: Sound Bar – Chicago, IL

4/28/23: Temple – San Francisco, CA

6/17/23 – 6/18/23: Summer of Sound – Winnipeg, MB

7/21/23 – 7/24/23: Shambhala Music Festival – Salmo River Ranch, BC

8/3/23 – 8/6/23: The Annual Campout Arts & Music Festival – Vernonia, OR