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Thuso Mbedu will author a one-shot comic titled “NIOBE: SHE TRIBE” along with Stranger Comics’ president Sebastian A. Jones. It will be part of Stranger’s TALES OF ASUNDA series and will feature Niobe, the franchise’s star character, who was first introduced in “The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer.” Mbedu and Jones will work together in writing the Comic, set for release in spring of 2023.

Stranger Comics is known within the comic industry for its diverse heroes and championing BIPOC women including its franchise star NIOBE, as creators of worlds. TALES OF ASUNDA is an ongoing series in the expanding, interconnected world of Asunda, which is rich in culture and tradition with years of development. It celebrates many of its lead characters and backdrops in afro-fantasy inspired settings, but with emotional themes that resonate globally on a deeply human level.

NIOBE: SHE TRIBE will tackle the pros and cons of “tradition,” asking both character and reader if all traditions are good, to be followed as law, binding in mind, body, and spirit. If they are disputed, what are the motives? If they are flawed, how can they be resolved? And if traditions are changed, how can people accept and evolve?

Jones, who created the world of Asunda, said of Mbedu: “Upon meeting Thuso I knew I had to work with her. Her honesty and modest genius hold a well spring of magical and relatable stories that need to be told. When we started brainstorming for the ‘She Tribe’ comic, Thuso breathed new life into Niobe and the vulnerable character relationships with such thought and care. Thuso is a rare spirit who speaks of many lives lived, here and before, and I couldn’t be more excited to share with our fans what we’ve got in store for Niobe and Asunda.”

When Niobe learns of a tradition that a tribal chief is decided in a fight to the death she must choose between challenging and changing an ancient custom or remaining hidden from the world and her destiny.

Mbedu biography:
This September, rising star actress Thuso Mbedu is being seen as the lead of Sony’s THE WOMAN KING opposite Viola Davis. Mbedu recently won an Independent Spirit Award, Gotham Award and Hollywood Critics Association Award, and was nominated for a Critics Choice Award for her starring role as “Cora” in Barry Jenkins’ THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD, making her the first South African leading woman of a US television series.  An established actress in South Africa, Mbedu was nominated for her 2nd International Emmy Award for Best Performance by an Actress in 2018 for her breakout performance on the series “Is’Thunzi.” She won a SAFTA (South African Film & TV Awards) for Best Actress – TV Drama for her work on the series. Mbedu recently made a deal to develop scripted and documentary projects with an equity, climate and health focus for Paramount+ outside the US as part of a first-look deal with VIS Social Impact division.  

Jones biography:
Sebastian A. Jones is the President of Stranger Comics and the creator of the world of Asunda including its lead character Niobe, which became the first nationally distributed comic with a Black female author, artist, and lead hero in history. Before Stranger, Jones was President of MVP Records, releasing scores of albums that featured such artists as John Coltrane, Marvin Gaye, and Billie Holiday. At Stranger, Jones partnered with Garcelle Beauvais on the I Am Book Series, children’s books that focus on diversity. He has co-written the psychological thriller video game, Hektor. Jones has also taught lectures around the world, including BTH in Sweden to FAMU in Florida. After working with Prentice Penny at HBO, Jones recently partnered with Penny to create a comic company, where they will produce comics, TV shows, and films that focus on BIPOC creators and creations, which will be published through Stranger. Titles Jones has written and published include: The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer, The Untamed: Killing Floor, The Untamed: Still a Fool, Niobe: She is Life, Niobe: She is Death, Niobe & Dura, Dusu: Path of the Ancient, Erathune, Essessa: The Fallen, Tales of Asunda: Silver Blood, First Kill, Morka Moa: Rise of the Jade Lord, Salvador, Pinata, I Am Mixed, I Am Living in 2 Homes, I Am Awesome, and Ruining Christmas.

Both Jones and Mbedu are repped by WME. Mbedu is also represented by lawyer Beth McIntosh and lawyer Gang, Tyre, Ramer, Brown & Passman. Jones is also represented by the law offices of Felker, Toczek, Suddleson, Abramson, McGinnis & Ryan.

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