Stranger Things: Demopets Funboxx with ultra-rare Eleven

By | December 1, 2022

Eleven is here to defend against the horde of creatures from the Upside Down… Just in time for the holidays.

Mighty Jaxx (award-winning integrated future culture platform) today released its new Stranger Things: Demopets Funboxx series.

This collection offers something for casual collectors and impresses hardcore collectors with quality vinyl art toys, all connected by a captivating story. Fans can collect all six demo species and potentially find the ultra-rare Eleven herself in these fun and exciting blind boxes!

Price: US$12.99 for a blind box & US$74.99 for a tray

Dimensions & Material: 3.5” Vinyl Art Toy

Description: Huge emergency β€” a horde of creatures from the Upside Down have invaded the human world through the Mother Gate! Whether you pick Dustin’s route and raise them as pets, or force them back into their realm, the choice is yours!

πŸ’€From the flower-like Demogorgon to the kinda cute Demodogs, here they come! πŸŒ€Are you ready? Only one hero can save the planet. Eleven is here to defend against the horde of creatures from the Upside Down, with the fate of our world hanging in the balance. 🌎 Will Vecna and the Mind Flayer successfully destroy all of humanity? Or will Eleven emerge victorious? βš”οΈ

This collection follows Stranger Things and Mighty Jaxx July 2022 release of the 8’’ Vecna premium, limited edition collectible.