The best sports comics that may have flown under your radar

By | December 1, 2022

Sports have an enormous influence on the world, it has the power to draw in billions of viewers and create a community out of nothing but fandom.

For all the clothing, movies, shows and documentaries based around sports, there is one medium which has been overlooked: comic books.
We have so many ways to access sports, whether it be through live games or youtube that many people don’t even think to peek over the wall at what else is available.

But there is an entire world of graphic novels and comic books that can be just as riveting as watching a game itself.
Here are three of the best sports-based comics you can read right now.

‘Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls — Statue in the National Museum of African American History and Culture Washington (DC) 2917’ by Ron Cogswell via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Bull on Parade

You may not have heard of this comic, but you’ve definitely heard of the main character, one of the most famous athletes in existence, Michael Jordan. Written by Wilfred Santiago, this comic goes in-depth on Jordan’s deeply personal struggles as well as his hugely successful NBA career.

Jordan, who became known for his love of gambling and flashy moves, now owns the Charlotte Hornets based out of North Carolina. He has not been able to transfer his on-court magic to his current team, who are struggling at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. BetMGM is a huge operator in the industry of sports betting and has them at +30000, a long way behind the Bulls, who are +5000.

If you watched “The Last Dance” on Netflix and find yourself craving some more ‘air Jordan’ then look no further than this right here.

Fantasy Sports

Where the previous comic was based in reality, Sam Bosma’s fantasy epic couldn’t be any more different. A young explorer and her muscular friend go on an adventure deep into the tomb of a mummy in search of hidden treasure. They happen upon the treasure but also the mummy, to escape, they must beat the creature in a life-or-death game of basketball.

Easy reading and ambitiously beautiful design, Fantasy Sports is a unique, enthralling read. If you enjoy old adventure stories and Indiana Jones, then this is right up your alley.

Old Head

A horror story packed with comedy, action, and slam dunks, this comic appeals to just about everybody. After the passing of his mother, a former pro-basketball player returns home with his daughter only to find himself in the middle of a war with Dracula as he tries to unravel his mother’s mysterious past.

With great visuals and captivating action scenes, Old Head is an easy read in the best kind of way. Its classic cartoon animation and the linear story make it perfect for a beginner who isn’t too confident about the genre.

There is a huge market for sports comic books, but it has been relatively unexplored up to now. If you’re a fan of comic books or sports or both, then you will be happy with any one of these three.

If not, explore the genre. There are plenty of other comics that you may enjoy.