The Most Wanted Gaming Console of 2022 Revealed

By | January 4, 2023

PlayStation 5 comes in first, getting the most searches on Google

Nintendo Switch is second, while Xbox Series X is third

 The PlayStation 5 is the world’s most wanted console of 2022, a new study reveals.

The study, conducted by online jigsaw site I’m-A-Puzzle, analyzed a list of the most popular consoles and compared the average monthly searches each of them got throughout the year on Google, to find out which one has been the most sought after in the world.

PlayStation 5 comes in first place scoring 5,400,000 average monthly searches on Google – more than two million searches more than the second most Googled console.

Second is the Nintendo Switch with 3,200,000 average monthly searches on Google, underlining its popularity, combined with affordability and availability of the product..

The Xbox Series X comes in third with 2,300,000 average monthly searches on Google – fewer than half the searches that its rival PlayStation receives.

Despite being release more than nine years ago, the PlayStation 4 comes fourth in the list, racking up 1,205,000 searches each month, proving it is still a valid alternative to the more expensive PlayStation 5.

The fifth most searched console is The Xbox Series S, which receives 855,000 searches on average each month.

The Xbox One places sixth, followed by a suite of Nintendo consoles to complete the top ten. Nintendo Switch Lite is in seventh, the Nintendo DS is in eighth, the Nintendo 3DS is in ninth, and the Nintendo Wii is tenth.

Rank Console Average monthly Google searches
1 PlayStation 5 5,400,000
2 Nintendo Switch 3,200,000
3 Xbox Series X 2,300,000
4 PlayStation 4 1,205,000
5 Xbox Series S 855,000
6 Xbox One 429,000
7 Nintendo Switch Lite 414,000
8 Nintendo DS 117,000
9 Nintendo 3DS 93,000
10 Nintendo Wii 56,000

A spokesperson for I’m-A-Puzzle commented on the findings: “It’s fascinating to see the global popularity of consoles, with PlayStation winning the search battle against its rivals Nintendo and Microsoft. There will be millions of people around the world hoping to find one of these consoles under the tree this Christmas, but with ongoing stock issues the latest PlayStation and Xboxes could be difficult to come by.”

The study was conducted by I’m-A-Puzzle where users can play thousands of online jigsaw puzzles for free, with picture puzzles and games of all types – from animals to bridges to landscapes and more.